You may be a victim of crimes including white collar crimes, fraud, sexual assault, abuse, and/or human trafficking for sex or labor.  In the event for any reason you were unable to get justice through the justice system and/or said available remedies you found insufficient to make you whole in spirit as well as at law, COPE is here to help.  The HEAL Mission has been effectively running a virtual conversion program since 2002.  If you know of a business entity (whether for profit or nonprofit, secular or faith-based) that has criminally or tortiously harmed you that is continuing to do that to others, you may click here to enroll them (see enrollment agreement for details) in our virtual conversion program which is described here.  We can't promise to change them, but, have an arguably sufficient track record of destroying them or assisting with that as shown by our virtual cemetery for those who failed to convert.

If you feel enrolling an entity in our conversion program is the right decision for you, we're happy to help.  I, Minister Angela Smith understand how upsetting it is to be a victim of crime and injustice.  And, being a woman of faith, trust that God knows best.  In the church documents it says the other churches that are hierarchical with narcissists in charge do it "the right way" and as dissidents against that model bylaws for COPE say they do it the wrong way.  Both statements are true.  It's the right way for social control and to exert undue influence and the wrong way to show mutual respect and recognition of equality in the eyes of God and the law.

As uncomfortable as this idea makes everyone, I hope it helps that it is a virtual conversion program that is both artful and effective without directly interfering with or infringing on the rights of anyone else given those enrolled are free to ignore their placement and pretend it doesn't matter or effect them in any way.  All enrolled in the conversion program have the opportunity to provide feedback and/or meet the criteria for graduation as described or provided here.  And, donations are welcome from everyone, but, donating will not effect placement status either way regardless of donor's position on the placement.

Those placed are welcome to participate by meeting the requirements for graduation or openly opposing our methods employed by the conversion program.  As a survivor of many coercive thought reform and/or Machiavellian behavior modification strategies, I totally empathize and am somewhat uncomfortable myself with even doing this artfully to make a point through virtual conversion "therapy".  But, happily continue taking a stand against such a destructive practice while recognizing it self-perpetuates and knowing even the art kills.  Would and/or does placement in our virtual conversion program make you feel like this?:

Honestly, it shouldn't.  Because, one thing I do for sure is encourage everyone to think for themselves and I accept feedback, both critical and complimentary.  But, I understand how the circumstances surrounding placement creates trust issues for everyone involved and that to establish a strong foundation on which to build even a client/therapist or student/teacher relationship, we all need to trust each other before any progress can be achieved and the very methods employed pretty much make that impossible or highly unlikely.  There is hope though, you can choose to meet the Honesty In Marketing Standards.


I dig it.  I understand.  I empathize.  You dig?:



Below from time to time progress reports related to the Conversion Program/Watch-List will be provided.  The purpose is to lead by example with as much transparency as reasonably and humanly possible.  (For important information about statistics, click here.)

May 5th, 2020: Minority Report

September 14th, 2020: Special Report: HEAL Mission/COPE Conversion Program (Goals)

All Conversion Program Progress Reports Are Available On The Mission Homepage with Exception to Those Qualifying for Merciful Release listed below (and/or referenced on the Feedback page if not simply "disappeared".  If a program is "disappeared" it is possible the complaints we had on record pre-date the turn of the century which was recognized at time of disappearance. Other factors may apply, but, that's the main one, consider the "disappeared" a form of merciful release.  With Anasazi, there were mixed reviews, most recent direct complaint was in 2012, no one participated in the vote to keep it enrolled, and the last complaint was from an extended family member in 2017 though never confirmed by a direct victim/witness for corroboration though escorts were reportedly used to transport family member to program.  It is eligible to be re-enrolled and that goes for any public offenders.):

August 20th, 2020: Conversion Program Progress Report: Sedona Sky Academy in AZ
(Please see progress report.  Sedona Sky Academy has been mercifully released.)

September 17th, 2020: Conversion Program Progress Report: Rosewood Ranch in AZ
(Please see progress report.  Rosewood Ranch has been mercifully released.)

October 8th, 2020: Conversion Program Progress Report: Teen Challenge (Programs) in AZ and AR
(Please see progress report.  Teen Challenge (Programs) in AZ and AR have been mercifully released.)