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Click donate button above to contribute and see menu below to select an earmark if so inclined.  And, since this is a "Pass The Basket" opportunity, this page houses mystery bonus blessing opportunities for contributors who don't disclaim their blessing and also upon request without donating depending on bonus blessing chosen if they ask for it or otherwise have it coming.  Priest John Ball opposed tithing and called for an end to tithes to the Catholic Church in the 14th century.  But, if you support the church (including mission) or just wish to send Rev. Angela Smith a message with a donation that will be acknowledged including amount publicly at so everyone knows your opinion based on the value of your donation or selected earmark, here's how donations will be interpreted [Special Note: Donations for less than $1 cannot be contributed online and must be received in person or mailed to: COPE/Rev. Angela Smith (payable to either, but include COPE Donation in memo field if payable to Rev. Smith), 13320 Highway 99, #158, Everett, WA 98204.  All donations are appreciated and help us practice and promote truth and virtue including assisting victims of crimes/torts and consumer advocacy through church and mission services]:

$609 only once/$1.50 monthly in perpetuity (Bezos/Amazon Matching Gifts) In 2020, Jeff Bezos is estimated to have a net economic worth of $200 billion.  Taking what in some respects Rev. Smith sees as an unreasonable notion of what social equality means and symbolically divvying up his wealth equally and evenly to every individual American right now (2020) would equate to approximately $609 per person if Mr. Bezos were to do that so we can all have an equal $609 share of Mr. Bezos' wealth including Bezos.  So, to arguably match Bezos, donate $609.  Or, you can actually match Amazon's monthly reciprocity in perpetuity by setting your gift of $1.50 to be a recurring monthly gift to COPE/HEAL Mission.  Earmark: Church Supplies via Amazon   Alternatively, use the following link whenever you shop and COPE/HEAL Mission will benefit from your purchases at no additional cost to you:
$0 + Feedback Res Ipsa Loquitur: The Feedback will speak for itself as to meaning.
$1.00/$0.02* (I Hate HEAL/COPE Contribution) I hate HEAL Mission and the Church Of Philosophical Exploration.  I wish they didn't exist.  And, I'll be surprised if I get recognition for my "proverbial 2 cents" on the "Fellowship" page.  Probably for "followers" only.  Such is the sentiment of those enrolled in the Conversion Program and Placed on the False Prophets watch-list.  Evidence of the hate is available on the Feedback page which includes virtual protests.  [COPE Note: All donors will be thanked, including haters, on the Fellowship page and qualify for any active bonus blessing opportunities.] Earmark: COPE Conversion Program/HEAL Mission
$662,500/$0.38   (Poe/Foster Genius Contribution) Edgar Allan Poe and the Poe Genius Contribution is split and #TaoFu as an option featured here.  The higher amount is based on the highest amount one of his original publications sold at auction for by Christie's.  And, the lower amount is the money Stephen Foster had at the time of his death which is featured on the same information page showing Poe died in utter poverty here.  This particular donation sends the message that you support social equality and recognize genius regardless of economic position.  Earmark: Venue and/or Mobile Church Service Accessibility/Availability
$25.00/$0.25  (#TaoFu Joker/#TaoFu Harvey Dent Contribution) I'm a fan of the #TaoFu character shorts/morality plays mostly on Twitter but also featured on the church site.  #TaoFu I say: "I understand why #TaoFu Harvey Dent is $0.25, but, why $25 for #TaoFu Joker?"  #TaoFu Joker says: "Obviously, everyone knows I'm worth 100 Harvey Dents at the very least.  It's an honor to be so recognized and valued."  [The best #TaoFu short in Rev. Smith's opinion to date on 8/13/21 is available here:  Earmark: #TaoFu Short and Morality/Mystery Play Development and Delivery
$51.50  (Basket Case Contribution) Rev. Angela Smith is crazy and/or should be institutionalized.  Earmark: Petty Cash 
$420/$4.20  (Are You High Or Am I Contribution) #TaoFu is cool.  I dig Wycliffites.  Earmark: More Youtube Videos.
$3,412.75/$9.35 (James Dean Forever Contribution) I'm a fan of James Dean too.  I know he was a member of the Friends' Church/Quakers.  When he started out as a Production Assistant/equivalent behind the scenes at the game show "Beat the Clock", he likely earned $9.35/day.  I respect his work ethic and COPE's.  Earmark: Virtual Cemetery Management and Maintenance.
$31.48 (Pink Floyd "The Wall" Contribution) I expressly wish for my gift of $31.48 (reported value of the vinyl album "The Wall" by Pink Floyd on 8/20/20 via Amazon) to go towards construction and maintenance of the church, both virtual and material.  #AnotherBrickInTheWall  Earmark: Church Building Fund (Virtual and Material)
$456.25  (Aficionado Contribution) I'm an in-kind contributor and into reverse tithing to help support the art of the church in a #TaoFu way.  (I'm donating anonymously or not?  Am I an official Honorary Proselytizer?) Earmark: Namaste Reciprocity
$20.25/$0.60 (Wycliffite Contribution) In 14th century England, the average annual salary or wages of one adult man was $0.60 which is the equivalent of $20.25 today.  And, in 14th century England those wages were taxed at roughly 30% leaving one adult man (even if providing for spouse and children) with $0.40 in the 14th century to cover all living expenses at the time which would be $13.50 today. 

Actual unemployment rate in US in 2016: 17.77%.  Actual unemployment rate in US in 2019: 19.19%

Without a written message or direct communication as to meaning, my donation is the mystery.  Rev. Angela Smith can meditate on that.  No Earmark.
$1.125/$11.25 (9 Pieces of 8 Contribution) A "piece of 8" (also known as a "bit") is 1/8 of $1 or $0.125 (12 1/2 cents).  The earmark on this gift is for spreading the word and/or calling on Calypso.  It is inspired in part by "The Pirates Own Book" which is featured at (bottom of page) as well as the fictionalized version of many parts of that book as shown in the Disney Franchise "Pirates of the Caribbean". [With this one, you need to write a note that it is the 9 Pieces of 8 Contribution or if you give one of the two suggested amounts on this one the purpose will be implied by the amount.]

$25.00/$30.00 (#TaoFu Silver/Judas Contribution) Matthew 26:15 (Wycliffite Bible): "and seide to hem, What wolen ye yyue to me, and Y schal bitake hym to you?  And thei ordeyneden to hym thretti pans of siluer."  [Rev. Angela Smith's translation of the above passage from middle to modern American English: "And said to them, what will you give to me, and I shall betray him to you?  And they gave him thirty pounds of silver."] Given the passage was written in English, that would be roughly the equivalent of $30 US.  And, if you don't specify, the Judas contribution will not be assumed based on value, but, if you choose #TaoFu Joker/#TaoFu Harvey Dent from the program menu, that earmark will apply and won't be recognized as a Judas contribution.  The $25 is because the 25th is the silver anniversary and will only be recognized as #TaoFu Silver if donated on the 25th day of any given month which will be counted towards future bonus blessing opportunities.  However, the earmark on the $30/Judas (you have to make note because earmark not provided in drop down menu) contribution will go towards public records requests, research, and investigative reporting at the church and mission.
GET YOUR PROMETHEUS-THEMED MYSTERY BONUS BLESSING: For a limited time and while supplies last, with your donation or just for the asking, get a Prometheus-themed mystery bonus blessing that enlightens and illuminates in a practical way. Be warmly educated and lightly informed.  Ask for your Prometheus-themed mystery bonus blessing and provide your mailing address.  If you choose to donate and do not wish to receive the Prometheus-themed blessing, please make note of that or let COPE know you prefer the church pay your blessing forward to someone less fortunate. The Prometheus-themed mystery bonus blessing is designed by Rev. Angela Smith and made in Tennessee (USA).  [Limited to 2500 Prometheus-themed mystery bonus blessings.  Potential collectible since there will be more mystery bonus blessing events in the future.  Limit one Prometheus-themed mystery bonus blessing per donor or charitable request while supplies last.  End of this opportunity will be posted here when limit is reached.  Bless you.] 
Regardless of earmark and whether one is chosen or not, all who gift $10 or more to COPE (including HEAL Mission) are eligible to receive the Fellowship of the Ring (ring) Bonus Blessing.  The Ring Bonus Blessings are one-of-a-kind, original rings made by artist/Rev. Angela Smith.  Please include in the note with your gift of $10 or more that you wish to receive the Fellowship of the Ring Bonus Blessing and shipping address unless seizing the opportunity at an in-person event where you can take the blessing with you after service. 
Like the Prometheus-themed Mystery Bonus Blessing, this one is also a free gift with any donation or just for the asking (if you accept delivery of the Just For Fun bonus blessing online in the form of a .pdf).  If you'd like your astrological birth chart generated by Rev. Angela Smith through Expert Astrologer with detailed report on the meaning Expert Astrologer gives to the chart itself e-mailed to you as a .pdf (11 pages usually), make note that you'd like one with your gift to the church and mission or your message to while providing your full birthday (Month/Day/Year), time of birth (hour:minute and AM or PM), location of your birth (city/state/province/country), and you shall receive that via e-mail.  You will find two such reports at #12 at .  The ARE Press one is not an example of what you will receive, but, the one at is an example of what to expect.  For another example, see .  Thank you for your support! 

[The above is an example of (Rev.) Angela Marie Smith's painting, but is already part of a private party's collection.]
With your gift of $75 or more to COPE Ministries (including HEAL Mission), you are eligible to receive a one-of-a-kind original 8"x10" framed painting on canvas by artist (Rev.) Angela Marie Smith with certificate of authenticity.  All works are signed with the artist's monogram AMS.  Should you choose to receive this bonus blessing, your good faith will be rewarded with the unveiling of the work upon delivery and more.  Delivery address is required unless you choose to pay it forward to the art world.

For additional examples of (Rev.) Original Artist Angela Marie Smith's Eclectic Pop Art, Please Click The Following Hypertext Links (the following pieces sold for $170): Dandelion #1, Dandelion #2, Auto-Manipulator, Hay Fever, and Tire Flap #6.  Also see: Angela's Virtual Art Gallery.
Please Give Today! 

Any donations made that are less than $1 must be given in person or mailed to the church.  That includes the $0.02 "I HATE COPE/HEAL" donation or 2 cent donation expressing your hate for HEAL/COPE.  COPE has a special receptacle for hate donations which is featured here.  Only the $0.02 hate will be populating the receptacle and donations of any other amount (with exception of $1 exactly unless hate is expressly disclaimed with the donation) will not be recognized as hate, but simply support of the Conversion Program/Watch-List.  Right now, you can see here the hate receptacle is empty.  Only you can change that.  An alternative is to send an Amazon e-gift card to for exactly $1 without disclaiming the hate should you wish to express hate rather than disclaim it.  All gifts of amounts other than $0.02 or $1 exactly will not be recognized as hate, but, as evidence of your virtue (generosity, respect, consideration, reciprocity).  Namaste.

(Donations are tax-deductible and you will receive a receipt for your gift/contribution.  If you wish to be recognized "anonymously", expressly state that and any public recognition will be to "Anonymous" for your contributions.  While COPE strives for full transparency to lead by example, those who disagree in the Wycliffite and/or American spirit of privacy will have your wishes honored and respected.  A donation is a contribution is a gift.  And, as with all churches, faith-based, and/or secular nonprofits your gifts show your support for spreading the word and helping others.  Thank You.)

Attention: For your annual tax return(s), you can have a charitable deduction of up to $300 made during the tax year, even if you don't itemize. The gift must go directly to charity in cash rather than to a donor-advised fund or private foundation. Otherwise, you generally need to itemize to take the charitable deduction, which fewer people do since the standard deduction doubled a few years ago. You can enter your $300 charitable deduction when you eFile your return on and it will show on line 10b of your Form 1040.  So, line 10b of your Form 1040 for future reference and no more than $300 claimed to: For tax purposes you may need to state on returns the donation was to Church Of Philosophical Exploration Ministries, 13320 Highway 99, #158, Everett, WA 98204, , WA SOS UBI #604 563 135 [*Special Note* COPE Ministries voluntarily registered with WA State though is not required by law to do so as a result of nonprofit religious/educational exemptions and the fact that our annual revenue is less than $50,000 which is the same standard as the IRS regarding exempt nonprofits.].  Source.

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