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September 28th, 2006: Provo Canyon School Feedback (special note, you may also wish to see,, and/or .)

August 15th, 2010: Pathway Family Center(s) Feedback (special note: All Pathway Family Center(s) locations have been closed, they lost all state contracts, and reportedly went bankrupt.  They can be found at the virtual cemetery now at ) 

May, 2017: Calvary Baptist Church in MO Feedback

On Christmas Eve 2019 on Twitter (see full thread: Tony From Long Island suggests that the death penalty is not appropriate for child rapists and claims supporting such to be insane.  AJ says it would prevent them from doing it again.  And, that's a strong argument so COPE Ministries supports AJ's position. 

In addition, in response to the blatant hypocrisy of Tony From Long Island on Twitter, Angela Smith created the following poll (you may access and possibly participate if it is still open here: ):

Best Boys Homes/David Bolthouse Feedback (E-mail Exchange)  For more on our interactions with Mr. Bolthouse, see  Also see: which the page at responds to in-depth.

Life Designs/InnerPathWorks/Randy Russell Feedback (E-mail Exchange)  (InnerPathWorks has been removed from the watch-list following a vote of all Sponsors where the results were merciful release.)

The following is just a screenshot of a Twitter Poll we did with final results.  We consider that feedback in a way too.  As you can see, it's a split decision with 20% undecided and the rest split right down between Yes and No and this poll was open to all.  And, that may help explain why change is slow, especially where the government has to respect all of us equally when considering our positions and wishes on matters of law.  Otherwise, we wouldn't be represented and only some would be while others are not. And, that would be hypocritical and problematic whether you are a a Constitutionalist or Christian or both if in the US.  So, you can find that poll at: 

Zach K.--Former Client at Now Closed Excel Academy regarding page at here to read Zach's feedback.

Activism Poll & Twitter Thread On January 22nd, 2020 (Poll Question: Of the following, what is the best reason government doesn't obey activists?): 

BioDynamic Breath and Trauma Release, Inc (LLC) Feedback (Removed from watch-list as a result of no complaints and solely being added on the unreliable word of Sacred Breath Academy.)

Anti-HEAL Mission Website: (This one was reported and HEAL Mission now owns that URL.  We believe it belonged to Craig Rogers of Abundant Life Academy.  You can see the former homepage for that site by clicking here.  The purpose of including this in the feedback is that to further avoid any hypocrisy whatsoever even where we find the content or statements invalid, false, malicious, and evidence of their hypocrisy, it belongs on the Feedback page to make the Feedback page as full of context as possible.  To learn more about Craig Rogers (ex-felon/former drug trafficker), see  And, consider the sources, always consider the sources.)

Anti-HEAL Mission Website: (This one was voluntarily shut down by David Arslanian and we did not retain a copy of the content.  But, we can prove he owned that one.  Click here for the proof.  Now, Arslanian is the co-founder of Eagle Ranch Academy.  To learn more about that one, visit and (showing expanded network that includes a cult whose practices are banned in Colorado).  But, I, Minister Angela Smith, recently reached out to Eagle Ranch Academy with the offer shown at which is provided on the page at  And, I referenced appreciation for Eagle Ranch Academy's choice to remove which does suggest their willingness to self-correct to an extent.  Their issue now is the history and current association with Sacred Breath Academy.)

Anti-HEAL Mission Website: (This one is still operating.  It cites which is the Bolthouse run site referenced above and Bolthouse did promote Abundant Life Academy while it was operating under Craig Rogers and you may wish to see which states in part: "The site also quotes from and our response to that website is available at and includes the following since Bolthouse is a marketing agent that promoted the now closed Abundant Life Academy and currently recommends AGAPE Boarding School among other bad faith actors.  On the bottom of the first link of this numerical (5), you'll find this: "Prosecutor: Christian boarding school employees caught on camera brutally beating teen boy in their care Posted 6:39 AM, October 10, 2014, by Q13 FOX News Staff RICHMOND, Virginia — They are adults charged with the important task of guiding the emotional and spiritual lives of troubled teens, but prosecutors say they abused their power in an horrific way and the entire thing was caught on camera. Authorities say it happened back in April at Abundant Life Academy in Caroline County Virginia. A 14-year-old boy was trying to escape when he was grabbed and mercilessly beaten by three life coaches and a program director, reported WTVR-TV.   Source: "  So, you can view by visiting that link or view it by clicking the pdf of it here on this site.  And, I'd ask that you also view,, and

Additional Feedback Can Be Found On Many Pages Of The Church and Mission websites, but, the overview is provided at with links to much of it.  The other feedback is often found as exchanges with those populating the mission watch-list as linked or copy/pasted on the information pages about those programs on the mission website.  And, they pre-date the creation of this page which will continue to host all current and future feedback while links to feedback from programs populating the watch-list that do not meet the Honesty In Marketing standards for removal/approval will be listed here and also added via hyperlink to the information pages on those populating the mission watch-list.  You may consider this part of the #FirstAmendmentRevolution intended to help prevent a #SecondAmendmentRevolution.  Honesty counts.

The following poll I believe belongs here.  And, it can be found at: 


Kevin M.  Survivor of Victory Christian Academy, click here for feedback.

Isabella R.  Survivor of Gateway Freedom Ranch, click here for feedback.

Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), click here for feedback.

Ross R. Former client of Straight Arrow Apex in WA and Family of Survivor of John Dewey Academy in MA, click here for feedback.

PETA's Arguable Feedback:  (Responding likely to,, and/or  Rev. Angela Smith sent an e-mail to on February 29th, 2020 and did not receive a reply.  In reaching out or offering feedback to PETA on Twitter, @peta blocked @heal247 on Twitter.  But, that article from PETA was in Rev. Smith's Google news alerts and appears to be the response or Feedback.

Kayla Richard's Feedback (Exchange)  (The screenshots in the printed exchange get cut off, so, they are provided below so you can see the full screenshots.  The medical record is not included per Richard's suggestion.) Relevant screenshots:


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