The HEAL Mission is an effort in victim and consumer advocacy and has been since 2002.  I, Rev. Angela Smith, co-founder of the mission and the founding mother of COPE, am solely responsible for the content of this page and it may not represent the views of mission volunteers or service recipients.  My understanding of the mission and our services is described below.

Victim Advocacy and Activism at the Mission

Victims of crime, whether committed by an individual human being, multiple individual human beings, or a business entity of some sort are provided with survivor support (including platform to share perspectives and experiences), information and resources on reporting tailored to their specific circumstance(s), and supported to the best of our ability throughout the process of seeking justice and/or understanding when reporting is delayed often justice is denied on a reasonable basis given the burden of proof is beyond a reasonable doubt in criminal cases.  In addition, the mission keeps individual contact lists* for all victims of a specific party to notify of legal and media opportunities when those are initiated by someone populating the contact list, law enforcement, an attorney or journalist seeking to speak with additional victims. 

Victims of torts (that may also be crimes), whether committed by an individual human being, multiple individual human beings, or a business entity of some sort are provided with the same supports as described above.  The primary difference is the burden of proof in a civil lawsuit/tort action is by a preponderance of the evidence rather than beyond a reasonable doubt.

The above two categories have existing remedies available at law and the Justice System is the right place to pursue justice.  Activism arises it seems where justice has been denied (sometimes as a result of the ignorance, failure to exercise due diligence in a timely fashion, and/or traumatic stress suffered by victims).  So, a large part of the advocacy work we do at the HEAL Mission is to raise awareness about available remedies at law while providing a platform and Conversion Program for those who have not been adjudicated but whose victims (i.e. Sponsors) believe placement is warranted.  And, traumatic stress works to help others understand why reporting was delayed but doesn't act as an excuse for extending the statute of limitations to pursue action in most cases depending on jurisdiction.  For example, there was a case where a survivor/victim of institutionalized abuse sued after the statute of limitations had expired.  The argument to extend the statute was based on discovery saying they only recently became aware of the harm caused to them in a treatment facility and had suppressed memories.  The issue with that is it brings into question the reliability of the victim's memory itself which is compounded by the history of the "need" for psychiatric care.  The court did not deny the validity of the victim's reports, however, did find they did not meet the burden of proof for recovery at law.

And, to support both victims and consumers, the mission requests public records and does a lot of networking and research to help build the strongest cases for justice in the events such are pursued effectively and in a timely fashion.  All of these efforts require time and financial support on the part of our church and mission.  When things work out and everyone does their/our part, we see the wrongdoers brought to justice and often sentenced to prison.  Examples of that include Restoration Youth Academy, Midwest Academy, Alternative Youth Academy, and Blessed Hope Boys Home/Joshua House.  See virtual cemetery for more information.

* Evidence of the Contact Lists (Over 28,000 in the survivor/whistleblower/victim e-mail lists as of 9/21/20):

Monthly Visitors to the Mission for August-September, 2020 as an example:


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Consumer Activism and Advocacy at the Mission

The Conversion Program is in essence a virtual or symbolic prison for entities we have reason to believe should likely be in a real one as a result of complaints we've received that we feel are valid and supported by evidence available to the church and mission.  The individual program info pages act as sort of a "list of priors" or "rap sheet" based on raw firsthand accounts by those courageous enough to provide a guest sermon or copy of official complaint made with law enforcement to us.  And, we work to build the case, verify facts, corroborate victim statements, and more in an effort to make sure we're not unjustly virtually institutionalizing any entity in the Conversion Program.

Some of the victims see the Consumer Activism as the extent they should be required to participate given full context and the difficulties of managing traumatic stress.  And, so they see their notifying anyone who knows who should be notified to make it official and agreeing to make their statement public as sufficient notification for everyone else to serve justice.  But, that seems to be ignorance regarding how the US Justice System works and the rights afforded to all by the US Constitution.  While we do retain the rights of Freedom of Religion, Freedom of the Press, and Free Speech (including Freedom of Expression) which permits for our activism and consumer advocacy, that does not endow us with the authority to actually shut down any criminal enterprise independent of government assistance.  While it is true that the graveyard is well-populated by entities that formerly were actively enrolled in the Conversion Program/placed on the Watch-List, there are always many variables.  Some do allege that the mission was responsible for their demise, but, we see that as their denying the fact that they were running a criminal and/or tortious enterprise which when exposed resulted in consumers making more informed choices if in fact the information made available through the mission was part of their decision-making process.  But, we're happy to help inform consumers whom the law sees as responsible for exercising due diligence.  The good news is many have said that after reviewing the information we provided they chose against segregated congregate care for a loved one. 

One of the issues that consumers bring up with the HEAL Mission is concern that the information is biased or prejudiced.  It is for this reason, we're now providing ways to be released from the Conversion Program beyond the graveyard option. The Mission has always posted feedback from those populating the watch-list.  But, since arguably we're in the same or similar industry I, the church, and the mission must lead by example with the better program model and are using baby-steps to show how to improve.  So, that includes merciful releases (based on participation level or lack thereof of sponsors), graduation (meeting the minimum Honesty In Marketing Standards (HIMS)), and death/closure.  It is symbolic and art to the extent it is virtual and can reasonably be ignored by those populating the watch-list while such cannot be said of those coerced, unduly influenced, and/or falsely imprisoned in a material way by those entities populating the watch-list.

Below is an example of a response one might receive if contacting the HEAL Mission to report institutionalized abuse, fraud, and/or human trafficking at a segregated congregate care facility or program enrolled in the Conversion Program (Avalon Hills in Utah): [Avalon Hills was mercifully released from the COPE Conversion Program/HEAL Watch-List on 2/22/22 as a result of eligibility for release.  The last dated complaint we had on file occurred in 2012.  None of the survivors participated in the 4/8/20 vote on whether or not it should remain enrolled on the watch-list.  There was one more recent contact in September, 2020 with a complaint, but they failed to provide the dates of enrollment and did receive a message similar to that shown below with info on where to file a proper complaint so they could get justice and notify regulators of need to investigate or discipline.]

"Dear [Victim/Survivor's Name Here],

Thank you for contacting us!  There may still be opportunities available for you to seek justice or disciplinary actions against Avalon Hills.  The first option includes two choices and in the very least you may wish to "Submit A Concern" to the Utah regulators.  Here are your options:

1.  Report crimes such as assault, battery, labor trafficking, and child abuse to law enforcement in Utah.  You can use the online form at to contact the Cache County Sheriff to inquire about filing an official complaint which may provide the probable cause needed to get a warrant for investigation and/or prosecution.  You can also file a complaint with Utah regulators by visiting and clicking on "Submit A Concern" and completing and submitting that online form.

2.  File a consumer complaint with your home state's attorney general against Discovery Academy and include your request for compensation for any harm done to you.  If you live in Utah and/or would like to file consumer complaint as a non-resident with the Attorney General of Utah, visit: .

3.  If you do not wish to file a consumer complaint, you can contact a private personal injury attorney and look into suing in tort/civil court.  However, if you can't afford the retainer, you should expect to settle out of court with a non-disclosure agreement which may bar you from speaking publicly about the incident because you've agreed (even if with a grumbling assent) to the terms of the settlement.   

4.  You may send a new e-mail to with subject "Post My Feedback" and we will post your feedback (e-mail printed to .pdf disclosing your name and e-mail address and any information in your e-mail with that subject) to  and add a direct link to those .pdf files to this page .   

5. You may also wish to provide a guest sermon.  Guest sermons are posted at , under Progress Reports/Guest Sermons at where appropriate, and on program info pages when applicable.  So, one provided by you on your program would also be placed on this page .  Guest sermons should be written into the body of an e-mail and sent to . Your first and last name will be disclosed (contact info will not be unless you expressly request disclosure).  For sermons available on our site see  (and sermon archives linked on that page).  If you have questions about this option, please contact Please see  to get an idea what your sermon may be worth.

In addition, we've attached a guide for helping manage PTSD as well as information from the Anna Institute explaining why further institutionalization or segregated congregate care would be detrimental to your wellness even if a more humane environment.

And, if you'd like to receive the quarterly HEAL Mission newsletter, reply to this e-mail expressing that or e-mail with subject "subscribe".

If we can be of further assistance, please let us know.  If you found this helpful, please consider making a donation.  You can easily donate by clicking on "donate" at and . Donations are tax-deductible.  Thank you.

Best Wishes,

HEAL Missionary Team for COPE"

For any documents referenced not hyperlinked through hypertext in the above example, please contact or .  The above is not intended to single out Avalon Hills and Avalon Hills was solely used as an example for the response shown above to help you understand more about what goes on at the mission as far as what consumer and victim's advocacy looks like for those in need of assistance or direction.  The alternative to government assistance is the boycott advisory and/or consumer information campaign.  However, recent legislation appears to suggest that boycotts are a form of economic violence while fraud is considered an act of terrorism by the United Nations and government of Nigeria.  So, supporting these efforts is controversial unless everything is done by the book through the proper channels meaning the justice system, law enforcement, and official regulatory bodies.  If you believe economic violence is an appropriate response to terrorism, then please give today.  If you believe divesting and boycotting is nonviolent, I'm inclined to agree with you.  The point of a free market is that we have the right to be informed, be left alone, and refuse.  It is possible that by being criminal or tortious, the criminals and/or tortfeasors are communicating their desire to be left alone so shouldn't mind a divest and boycott campaign while even expecting it in full context.  The HEAL Mission is just very vocal in supporting that those in the COPE Conversion Program and on the False Prophets watch-list be left alone.  Since when did that become an act of violence?  If you believe divesting from and boycotting alleged criminals and tortfeasors is wrong, what else do you consider wrong?  Do you consider rape and kidnapping wrong?  Do you believe victims of crime have a right to justice? Should you decide the penalty at law?  If so, are you registered to vote and do you actually participate when summoned for jury duty?  Do you believe everyone deserves equal funding regardless of whether they are right or wrong?  If you honestly believe everyone deserves equal funding regardless of whether they are right or wrong, check and if you recognize inequality or lack of equity when comparing your income to that of the church and HEAL Mission, fix it by giving today.  Check for bonus blessing opportunities as well.  If you honestly believe the free market determines allocation of resources based on what we individually choose to consume or support, then you are a capitalist.  If you would prefer everything be decided for you because you can't be bothered to make economic decisions for yourself, you may think you are a socialist, but are more than likely developmentally disabled with a delusional notion that you will always be comfortable as long as you never assume any responsibilities while deferring to other people, you consider your subjects on whom you remain utterly dependent thereby subjugating yourself, regarding all life decisions.  #TaoFu Harvey Dent says: "Give today."  #TaoFu Joker says: "Am I supporting terrorism or economic violence with my gift?" #TaoFu Harvey Dent says: "Consumer Advocacy, Victim Advocacy, and the Art of the Church."  #TaoFu Joker says: "It is my understanding being featured in a #TaoFu short constitutes an in-kind gift."  #TaoFu Harvey Dent says: "I wasn't talking to you."  [The above #TaoFu short will be funniest to those who follow those on Twitter.  Dent's last line was a punchline and callback.]

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