Matthew 19:26 says "But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible." KJV

The Church Of Philosophical Exploration (COPE) Ministries is all three in one.  It is conceptual which means it is based on ideas and one might liken it to the Conceptual Country of Nutopia founded and established by John Lennon.  The Church Of Philosophical Exploration (COPE) Ministries as I, Rev. Minister Angela Smith, imagined it into being and solidified manifestation by registering officially in Washington State has been officially conceived and documented with government approval and documentation proving such.  So, where Lennon's Conceptual Country remains abstract, it inspired me to imagine how one might go about manifesting a land like Nutopia in the material world.  See, with Conceptual Art the idea behind the work itself is more important to the artist than the work.  So, the idea is paramount in comparison to the manifestation.  So, as a materially manifested particle of God's (Abstract Archetype of ABSOLUTE TRUTH and ALL VIRTUES combined in a universal, perpetual, perfectly heroic archetype) Creation, and with respect to the teachings of Priest John Ball of 14th Century England and philosophy and art of John Lennon, I've unified those three and recognize myself and others as houses of God (churches, temples, mosques, etc (for biblical support see Luke 17:21).  I personally believe we'd all show a bit more respect to each other if we recognized each other as I recognize all of good faith.  But, when people wear masks, are totally fake, and dishonest they become very difficult to recognize which can result in nothing to respect.  And, being Christian and Pro-Life are philosophies I religiously practice. 

I follow Christ's example without resorting to violent vigilantism.  That's the only exception and some people believe I'm capable of violent vigilantism and suspect or claim I'd do that.  I would not.  But, I appreciate that they see that potential given my commitment to live by Christ's example.  But, Jesus was very ecumenical and said the following: "For he that is not against us is on our part."  (Source: KJV Mark 9:40).  And, to me that means people who don't openly oppose you are to be considered to be with you and not treated as an enemy.  So, where I've studied comparative religion and have found reinforcement for commitments to the Absolute TRUTH and ALL VIRTUES whether combined or separate, I feel it is aligned with Jesus' teachings to recognize those as the same or even as allies in good faith regardless of storefront or cultural influences.  I also feel it exemplifies the quality of humbleness to recognize all of good faith regardless of storefront or cultural influences.  Humbleness is one of the many virtues that in Sufism is also one of the many names of GOD and therefore I feel it best honors GOD to recognize all of good faith regardless of storefront or cultural influences.  So, since this is my church and I'm the minister and sole proprietor, I feel empowered to recognize all people of good faith regardless of storefront or cultural influences as houses of God.  So, that's what is meant by ecumenical on the home page and the Christian principles I believe that particular position reinforces.  I feel it would be against my religion to be anything but ecumenical in spirit and practice.

As far as egalitarianism, it simply means to treat everyone equally and there is no requirement for willful blindness.  I believe hypocrites create inequality and that guarding against hypocrisy as an individual by exercising honest reason and critical thinking without rationalizing for vicious considerations is what COPE Ministries is all about and hypocrites have to at least be honest in order to be recognized as churches by my church.  But, if you are recognizably honest, I'll recognize your church in progress and that goes for all people who have enough good faith to be honest.  So, aligned with Priest John Ball's philosophy based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, we are all equal in the eyes of God and should show each other mutual respect while expecting where we fail to do that Justice (one of the many names of GOD) will be served. 

Our church has over 400 regular congregants/participants.  The average church has 70 regular participants/congregants.  The source is: http://www.soc.duke.edu/natcong/Docs/NCSIII_report_final.pdf (and if that link discontinues working, click here for that report).  Our mission currently serves over 20,000 visitors monthly (sometimes up to and over 40,000) and though the church site is under construction, we're still getting more than 400 regular attendees receiving services.

[NOTE: The first graphic above are those receiving mission services for month shown while protecting privacy of our participants.  And, the second are visitors to the Church.  We believe the slight decline for the last month at the church is a result of our not having activated the security socket layer to make the site more secure so social media would recognize it is secure and let you visit too.  The most attendees we had were over 600.  So, the drop to 448 recently seems to be a result of failing to secure the site which has since been done so we expect numbers to pick up.  You are welcome.]

So, in other words perhaps the Church Of Philosophical Exploration (COPE) Ministries is an Individual Constitutional Civil Libertarian Christian Church exalting GOD and promoting independence while recognizing the First Amendment Rights of myself and all people to act in good faith as a matter of both law and religion in the United States.  And, I'm in the process of acquiring resources to help everyone get the message because I have this concept for liberation theology in the 21st Century and beyond!