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Double the poverty line + $20 is a Catholic Nun's minimum wage. #FYI #PassTheBasket #ThankYou

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First, you may want to know my educational background and credentials.  Here they are:

1.  1978  Report Card for Rev. Minister Angela Smith (age 5) (this one's included simply in jest, but, is also factual.)

2.  1992-Certificate in Child Development from Kent School District, Kent, WA

3.  March, 2000-Associate of Arts Degree from Highline Community College, Des Moines, WA (Majored in English Literature)

4. March 6th, 2001-Ordained by Universal Life Church

5.   July, 2003- Passed the Washington Educator Skills Test (over 90% score)

6.   March, 2005- Bachelor of Arts Degree from University of Washington, Seattle, WA (double-majored in History and Philosophy with focus on activism, art, ethics, the law, and comparative religion)

7.  August, 2009-Passed the California State Bar First Year Law Student's Exam aka Baby Bar

8.  January, 2024- Certification, American Heart Association Heartsaver® First Aid/CPR/AED I completed First Aid/CPR/AED training and certification on 1/28/24 which is good through 1/28/26.  My e-card certification code # is 246015695904 and original documents are available upon request.

9.  Lifetime Member of the Literati

10.  Medical Records Establishing My History As A Survivor and Victim (Including Provo Canyon School enrollment and you may also wish to see this tweet thread for more on that: as well as letters home.  For COVID-19 Vaccination Proof, click here.)

11.  Statement of Commitment as a Victim/Survivor Advocate: I, Rev. Angela Smith, stand with victims/survivors and for myself.  As long as I have the resources available to me to maintain the church and mission (including all data, histories, research, victim/survivor statements, and conversion program/watch-list, Holy Bible+), my support for victims/survivors will remain obvious and public while I remain virtually accessible 24/7 to provide assistance, direction, and/or support.  If for any reason I no longer have the resources to maintain the church and mission, expect to receive assistance, direction, and support elsewhere.  Please do not let evidence of downsizing be cause of alarm.  Sometimes it is a good thing, for example .  I am committed to eradicating fraud and human trafficking.  I, the church, and the mission appreciate your support as we do good works in good faith. 

12.  Click Respective Hypertext for Info on My Maternal Heritage and Paternal Grandparents

13. Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) Press: Astrological Past Life Profile of Rev. Angela Smith*
(* I'm providing this information for anyone who is in the "New Age Movement", who is interested in Edgar Cayce's legacy, and/or who wants to see if all charts or readings provided in similar format seem formulaic, vague, overly-generalized, and/or catch the multiple employments of the words "imagination" and "dream(s)" in terms of self-discovery.  In addition, you may want to compare that one to the one computer generated with Expert Astrologer (an old program I happen to have on hand).  But, the correct birth time and near exact longitude and latitude for Vandenberg AFB were used though the meaning is provided by the report itself.)

14.  Photographic Evidence Of My Character

15.  The Artist and The Author

Second, you may want to know more about my history as a consumer and victim's advocate (below are examples, but, the websites include everything you need to know): (WBAI-NY, Rape Declaration Forum guest speaker) (Not sure if you can still find the original at Dissident Voice, but, we kept a copy)

Beyond the above, I'm committed to full transparency, admit imperfection, respect differences of opinion, and provide space for naysayers to comment or have voice on our website(s), here are some examples of that:

Feedback Page:  Now, this one is for those who offer feedback and expressly want it posted or imply it by not disclaiming it as feedback expressly. 

Comments On My Character Can Be sent as "Feedback", or posted to Twitter here

Honest reason and commitment to the Absolute Truth (WHOLE TRUTH and one of the many names of GOD) is the hallmark and/or cornerstone of this Church.  And, we lead by example in being humble enough to recognize that not everyone agrees with my perspective or understanding.  For the purpose of empowering everyone to have a personal relationship with God while recognizing all of humanity as socially equal in the eyes of God and US Law in the spirit of continuing the work of Priest John Ball of 14th Century England who challenged the Archbishop of Canterbury and was imprisoned 3 times for questioning the church hierarchies and arguable bastardization of religious texts taken out of context with the intent to oppress rather than liberate congregants, I've established the Church Of Philosophical Exploration (COPE) Ministries.  And, all I ask is that those on the HEAL Mission False Prophet Watch-List do as I do in regards to transparency and honesty in marketing.  I'm no hypocrite. 

And, since we're all equal then I guess in a sense we're all sheep and have an alpha sheep as a shepherd.  I believe that good shepherds protect their sheep from predators of all sorts.  If a farmer, you kill predators who threaten your flock, right?  And, all people of good faith are God's children.  So, sometimes a farmer just scares off the predators though and doesn't resort to killing unless left with no other option.  And, our church leaves that up to law enforcement while expressly stating if you are a vicious deceiver threatening our congregation, we'll scare you away or turn you in to someone with the potential authority to actually see you get the death penalty or are permanently exiled.  Honest criminals who take responsibility for their actions will be forgiven depending on nature of offense.  There is no legitimate reason to ever rape a child.  Our church does not support "corrective rape" either and think any church that does is a False Prophet and belongs on the  watch-list.  So, let us know if an idiot some idiot you know preaches or supports that shit and we'll put them on the list too.  And, I personally am tempted to wrath by such idiots but manage it with a sense of humor and commitment to honest reason, patience, and diligence for the sake of justice.  If they didn't manipulate, coerce, and intimidate their victims into silence in a manner that results in delayed reporting to law enforcement and injustice, our watch-list wouldn't be necessary nor our advocacy.  In other words or legal terms, "But for the alleged and/or confirmed tortious and/or criminal misconduct of those populating the watch-list, they wouldn't be on the watch-list and only have themselves to blame for anyone identifying them as a "False Prophet" as a result of their own actions for which they have not repented which would be evidenced by their just meeting our honesty in marketing standards."

And, for those who wish to argue the ten commandments say "Thou shall not kill" and therefore the death penalty is against the rules, I say "An ox that gores someone to death should be stoned, Exodus 21:28" and "Forced sexual intercourse between a man and a woman engaged to another man in a field, where no one could hear her cries and save her, Deuteronomy 22:25-27; the man should be stoned." as two examples.  There are many more.  And, they were stoned to death.  So, let's not take the Bible out of context.  And, to each his or her own.  So, rape results in the death penalty biblically as does murder.  And, my interpretation is that Jesus was arguably reasonably impatient with some lack of enforcement and decided on vigilantism and then as now you need to still be patient, report in a timely fashion, and trust in law enforcement to avoid penalty for taking the law into your own hands. 

Special Note: When I die, please have my body cremated and I request a Tibetan Buddhist scatter my ashes, as if they were sand art, in shark infested waters.  Should any memorials be constructed bearing any epitaph, please simply use this poem by John Cornelius to honor Captain Lewis and make note of both with reference to "The Pirates Own Book" by Charles Ellms (page 315/The Life of Captain Lewis):

"He was the mildest manner'd man,
That ever scuttled ship or cut a throat;
With such true breeding of a gentleman,
You never could discern his real thought.
Pity he loved an adventurous life's variety,
He was so great a loss to good society."

Please respect my wishes in death and if you wish to keep me around, consider passing the basket while I'm still here and able to thank you properly.  

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