As a result of renewed interest in participation, "You've Been Godsmacked" is back.  The book of sermons and feedback no longer exists on paper per se.  But, all the sermons and all but one bit of feedback is still available on this site.  All are welcome to participate.  You can perform one of the sermons (some are in dialogue format akin to plays or skits), do a reading from the guest sermons, sermons, feedback, mission progress reports, and/or any of my books, then post that to Youtube and send the link to or tweet it out on Twitter and mention @heal247 for a retweet and share here.

5/12/21: Rev. Angela Smith Reading the Fable "The Stupid Cat" (written by Rev. Angela Smith)



9/17/22: Sarah Couture Reading From "It's All The Rage" (free e-book) by Rev. Angela Smith