If you wish to participate, you can choose any or all of the sermons available at (including guest sermons), feedback at , progress reports as found at  , the FAQs at , or any of the COPE-owned content available through  and to create your own video reading any of said content in full context or even acting it out theatrically. You can post said video to your own Youtube channel(s) with the first title shot of "You've Been Godsmacked! The Theater of COPE Ministries" and second title shot [Your title here, i.e. ""A Sermon on the Crispin Glover Method" as read [or performed] by [your name(s) here], and with example shown you'd include this link in the text description of video. The "as read by" is #TaoFu and if familiar with how RuPaul might "read" someone or something, you understand the double entendre of it.  If you do so and provide full context with link to original, whether you include your own commentary or not as feedback, I will consider it a contribution of art to the church worthy of an in-kind tax receipt/gift recognition which you can claim by e-mailing a link to it to Or, if you prefer to monetize your Godsmacked video that meets all other terms set forth herein and forfeit the tax deduction, that's up to you.  If you are on Twitter, please tweet it out and mention @heal247 so I can retweet. Thank you for participating!  [You determine the value of your in-kind gift at tax time.  See for more info.  Got the books?  For more information on art as a religious practice, click here.]