I, Rev. Minister Angela Smith, heartily believe that John Wycliffe and Priest John Ball's commitment to revealing the truth and dissenting from the oppression of 14th century's Archbishop of Canterbury and the Catholic Church while being the first to translate the Holy Bible into English was revolutionary.  By definition I consider a Wycliffite many things including philosopher, intrepeter, artist, theologian, translator, and dissident.  (Also see question and answer #14 at FAQs page.)  What is a dissident?

Therefore as stated on the homepage, as long as you are honest (including intellectually honest), if you disagree with me or the teachings of my church I find you as much a Wycliffite as those who share my understanding or position on matters of controversy.  This is a Wycliffite church.  If you honestly disagree, I recognize you as a Wycliffite.  If you honestly agree, I recognize you as a Wycliffite.  Consider yourself converted in my eyes and in the view of my church if you meet the honesty (including intellectual honesty to avoid hypocrisy) standard.  If you are dishonest, then you are not a Wycliffite and I dissent to any claim you may make otherwise.  I'm a true Wycliffite.  Learn more about the fellowship, click here.  Did you click?  If not, Wycliffite you are and you can admit it or keep your faith to yourself.