Some say "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".  And, I, Minister Angela Smith, say I'm not a very good webdesigner.  I know this.  But, I may not be as bad as your browser suggests.  It might not be you either.  It might just be your browser or your screen's incompatibility with my site(s).  Do you doubt these words?  Below are two screen shots taken on January 31st, 2020 of the COPE Ministries and HEAL Mission homepages as I see them using Internet Explorer 11 on a desktop computer monitor.  And, that's the only view I have of it or how it looks which I think is pretty good given my lack of skill in web design.  I crochet quite nicely though and that might be a more impressive web. 

So, here's what the COPE Ministries Homepage Looks Like To Me:

Here's what the mission homepage looked like to me at the time, but has been moved to :

So, no bottom scroll and no misaligned photos.  The font and capitalization might be different on your end depending on your browser when viewing those pages.  But, to me, it looks reasonably good and organized with the correct font and capitalization or at least the chosen font and capitalization.  What goes on with other computers even with similar operating systems always surprises me when people ask me to look at the way their browser presents my content.  Last night I watched the film "Lenny" starring Dustin Hoffman as comedian Lenny Bruce.  I'm assuming he inspired George Carlin among others.  And, the truth is I appreciate Lenny Bruce's comedy and would even say Lee Camp is reminiscent of Bruce in ways.  But, regardless of how everyone has our own preferred spices of life, I hope you appreciate that sometimes your trash is someone else's treasure and vice versa. 

How much of the imperfection is on you, how much on the browser/filter, and how much on what actually exists to be perceived?  That all depends on the objective truth of the situation.  Do you disagree with the mission to stop modern slavery and human trafficking?  Do you believe God loves CHOMOS?  Maybe God both hates and loves CHOMOS, but always hates rape, considered that?  Well, maybe if you disagree with any or all of COPE Ministries and the HEAL Mission commentary, you think the imperfection is more on this end as far as what exists or should exist.  And, if you think there are solutions to making the site uniform across all devices and platforms that would resolve the variation in experience regarding the sites above, then maybe the incompatibility is my fault too.  And, that could actually be a result of my own ignorance regarding better web development.  But, I accept feedback and actually do my best to make the site better based on suggestions received given my existing skill level and I do make time to learn new things about web design and computers.  For example, today I learned that I need a laptop with more storage capacity before I can clone my desktop.  And, that was pretty obvious, but, I thought the laptop had greater memory capacity than it did.  And, so I gave that one to my mother and am working on another one with more memory.  And, I'm totally honest about being imperfect and also laugh at my own folly because I'm so passionate that sometimes others don't realize how much I actually criticize myself which is way more than anyone else and you've seen the sites, right?  So, you can imagine.  But, thanks to Charlie Sheen tweeting (paraphrasing) I believe the following "I just don't care anymore" and believing he didn't mean about anything, but, about what evil Feldman-types spout off about in the rumor mill, I get it and that's one reason I think all of this is funnier than not.  And, without imperfection, would we ever have a good laugh?  Comedy is too awesome to live without and that's my defense of imperfection.

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