The truth is objective and when perfect omniscient.  Some are more capable of being objective, thinking critically, and exercising honest reason than others.  I, Minister Angela Smith, do not claim and have never claimed to be omniscient (all-knowing).  In fact, if I met someone who claimed to be omniscient, I'd assume they are insane, a pathological liar, or unduly influenced by a brainwashing cult that claims to have direct access to an imaginary "library" of all events, experiences, and information of the past, present, and future of all realities simultaneously known as the "Akashic Records" and would therefore disregard their claim which they likely disclaim somewhere in their "fine print". 

Since I am admittedly imperfect and not omniscient, the best I can offer is to be reasonably objective when considering evidence of anything claimed to be fact.  And, when determining what is true, I generally use the beyond a reasonable doubt standard when judging facts and a preponderance of the evidence standard when judging credibility.

There is a new or fairly new website that has been created to slander and libel me and the HEAL Mission.  You can view the print out of that site at  That website is reasonably believed to be the work of Danielle Leigh aka Kaya Leigh aka Sacred Breath aka Sacred Breath Academy.  Now, on that site are many false claims, no cited sources, and no individual nor agency claiming responsibility for the site.  I checked with WHOIS, ICANN, and Network Solutions to see the ISP and/or who owned the site.  There was no data.  So, while the site itself libels and defames me and the HEAL Mission, to pursue any legal action to get that matter resolved would require the following:

1.  Hire an attorney and/or private investigator to determine who is in fact responsible for the site so there is evidence of that to present to a court to hold the party responsible for the libel accountable.

2.  Prove financial loss related to that website or loss of revenue where the loss of revenue is solely a result of the content of that site and nothing else.  This would require a donor or contributor to our church, ministry, and mission to expressly swear under oath that the only reason they chose not to donate was that website and no other reason.  Without proving that, there would be no recoverable damages and the case and expense would solely be filed on principle.

3.  Sue on principle knowing if I win, I will likely only end up owning the URL and forwarding it to the church or mission website(s) and perhaps be reimbursed for the costs associated with pursuing the claim.  And, then, like when I got that way, another similar site by some malicious ne'er-do-well will likely emerge and I could spend my entire life in a loop of making sure all deception and falsehood is removed from the internet that I've effectively identified to be false with sufficient evidence proving said falsity.

So, this is why I choose not to pursue that and to focus on my work which I prioritize by focusing on providing a safe space for the truth online to the best of my ability.

But, the evidence proving the majority, if not everything, said at is false, is as follows:

1.  My name is Angela Marie Smith and I'm an ordained minister and have been since 2001.  For more on me and my credentials as an activist, advocate, and Reverend/Minister, see .  Now, additional documentation of all of that is available upon request.  Just e-mail me at and I'll send you more info or you can verify through any independent system since I've given you my name and the dates of when I graduated or passed exams so you can actually verify all those facts if needed.  But, the reality is that the site says my goal is to shut down ALL faith-based/spiritual organizations and if that were so I'd be looking to shut down my own church and mission.  So, it's just a really stupid website by someone whom I believe to be an incompetent criminal.  In addition, there are secular entities on the HEAL Mission watch-list and the vast majority on the watch-list are secular.  Also see

2.  I am competent and mentally stable.  It is possible to manage PTSD and trauma triggers.  Often, those of us who live with trauma, overshare as a coping mechanism.  Sometimes we use inappropriate comic relief to ease tensions when we feel triggered.  And, those of us who dedicate our lives to helping others, many or most who are also trauma victims, develop trench or gallows humor as a coping strategy.  So, sometimes idiots and whores who run cults and claim to heal trauma or provide any therapeutic services whatsoever with absolutely no qualifications just throw shared information like the fact someone is a sexual assault survivor (sodomized at age 6) and lives with PTSD in the face of the victim and then when they are upset by the cruelty claim the victim is mentally unstable.  And, so, that's my experience with Sacred Breath Academy and why I believe they are responsible for the content shown at (copy of their website at so you don't have to risk visiting their site).  

3.  I am a nationally recognized activist and advocate as are the HEAL Mission Volunteers including retired police captain Charles Kennedy.  So, claims that we are fake and/or that our organization is fake are blatantly false. 

4.  The site at doesn't offer a way to contact the owner to even begin to request or suggest changes or corrections.  This is one of the clues I look for when determining whether a site of any sort is trustworthy.  Can I contact them?  Do they have a means to respond to feedback or permit for public comment?  See, we do.  HEAL Mission Volunteer Contacts at (includes, mailing address for HQ, phone, fax, and e-mail for all volunteers).  I can be reached in many ways as well and I identify myself because I'm not a coward and I'm honest so I know I can back my stuff up with facts and am willing to go to court to present said facts like those found at  In addition, I post critical and complimentary feedback at and on the Good Shepherd page you'll find even more options for contacting or requesting changes or corrections.

5.  The site also quotes from and our response to that website is available at and includes the following since Bolthouse is a marketing agent that promoted the now closed Abundant Life Academy and currently recommends AGAPE Boarding School among other bad faith actors.  On the bottom of the first link of this numerical (5), you'll find this: "Prosecutor: Christian boarding school employees caught on camera brutally beating teen boy in their care Posted 6:39 AM, October 10, 2014, by Q13 FOX News Staff RICHMOND, Virginia — They are adults charged with the important task of guiding the emotional and spiritual lives of troubled teens, but prosecutors say they abused their power in an horrific way and the entire thing was caught on camera. Authorities say it happened back in April at Abundant Life Academy in Caroline County Virginia. A 14-year-old boy was trying to escape when he was grabbed and mercilessly beaten by three life coaches and a program director, reported WTVR-TV.   Source: "

6.  The site also quotes an "unidentified" former HEAL volunteer's posts on Facebook.  That volunteer did not volunteer with HEAL for 2.5 years as stated and was dismissed as a volunteer for attempting to use the HEAL survivor listservs and social media to get test subjects to experiment with Ecstasy and hallucinogenics to treat "trauma" where that individual had done such experimentation with a "friend" who died while they were conducting their experiment and then the former HEAL volunteer was institutionalized again and while institutionalized did not reveal the circumstances leading to that and said it was a conspiracy because of their work with HEAL.   That individual asked me personally to assist in getting them released without disclosing the details and asked I speak with their attorney.  I contacted the attorney after being told by that former volunteer that they had granted permission to the attorney expressly to discuss their case with me.  The attorney said no such permission was granted and that they couldn't confirm or deny whether or not they represented the former volunteer.  The attorney then threatened to have me arrested for harassment if I continued to contact them about the case.  So, that's the "impeccable" witness that is unidentified by the unidentified author(s) of the site at  So, between that,, and number 5 above, I'm sure you understand why Sacred Breath Academy is on the watch-list and that it is perfectly reasonable for them to remain on it.

7.  The blatant hypocrisy of the moronic whore running is extraordinary.  To post a libelous and knowingly false diatribe of bullshit and at the same time claim that the truth with reliably cited sources on the websites I manage shouldn't be protected as free speech is extraordinarily hypocritical.  What shouldn't be protected is false information and it isn't with exception to limitations on government and justice system resources as well as practical reasons for choosing not to pursue as described above.  But, it's actually up to everyone to exercise due diligence and exercise honest reason with some commitment to being as objective as possible when considering information and that goes for #MeToo.  I accept that.  But, where imperfect whores pretend to be perfect and then condemn anyone who recognizes their actual blatant character flaws while they lie pathologically about almost everything where you think the truth is only something they say by mistake, I honestly can't respect their position because when examined they don't have one since the Truth is the foundation of everything in existence and where that is lacking nothing remains.

And, that should about cover the difference.  But, here's the thing....   Those populating the watch-list feel singled out for ridicule and criticism because they were placed on the watch-list by someone dissatisfied with them in some way who contacted us and asked we accept the enrollment without due process or even consideration for the programs themselves before placement.  And, in the physical world or material world, I wouldn't accept such an enrollment into my custody without due process and a court order.  But, the programs would and do under very similar circumstances.  Then, the programs tow the party line and refuse to listen to those enrolled or even consider their side.  But, COPE Ministries and the HEAL Mission are different, we accept the involuntary enrollment of alleged tortfeasors and criminals to our watch-list, but, once enrolled offer a means to get out or at least be equally considered.  All they have to do is meet the minimum Honesty In Marketing standard as shown at  and follow my example at and .  I'm not a hypocrite, but, I also reasonably understand why people would prefer to remain on the watch-list than to actually comply with our Honesty In Marketing standard.  Personally, I'd rather meet the Honesty In Marketing standard.  The reason is that as far as competition goes, I'm competing right now to be the most honest, committed to the truth, and also exercising all the virtues to the best of my ability which is dependent on environmental factors.  But, that's because I am faith-based and a woman of good faith committed to good works. 

So, I hope you found this helpful and always exercise due diligence while being objective enough to consider all facts in context before rushing to judgment and considering additional facts where you subjectively were immediately outraged and later realized maybe if you just communicated honestly with your own reliably sourced facts you'd achieve the results you seek.  See, I too get outraged especially by human trafficking, child trafficking, rape, fraud, and other crimes.  And, when a victim calls or e-mails me and tells me a fresh horror story sometimes as an advocate to support them I will immediately add the alleged offender to the watch-list which empowers, encourages, and often helps deescalate wrathful impulses of the victims.  And, I always encourage reporting to the proper authorities and provide resources for that.  So, while I understand the programs don't like being on the watch-list, they have to trust me enough to openly and honestly communicate with me if there's been an error.  And, once you've been placed in a placement you don't agree with you find trusting those in charge of your release or removal from the placement difficult and may even become oppositional, defiant, or otherwise unpleasant with me and my volunteers.  But, I expect that because I understand how upsetting it can be to be placed against your will without due process on any sort of watch-list for those acting in bad faith or allegedly acting in bad faith.  So, I exercise patience with a willingness to listen while also being prepared to ask questions and exercise due diligence to get to the truth of the matter and make any changes needed once more evidence has been brought to light.  I think that's fair, don't you?