If you'd like to return to the homepage, click here.  The following questions are to help you examine your life in terms of ethical standards and moral values.  If you are intellectually honest, you'll likely find it helpful.  If you are not, then you are likely a narcissist aka false prophet.  You can read as much or as little as you want and this is just a sampling of conversation starters and what Minister Angela Smith might comment if church were in session.

1.  Do you hold yourself to the same ethical and moral standards you expect or assume others to be holding themselves to in dealings or relationships with you?  If so, are you as forgiving of the faults of others as you are towards your own? 

[Minister Angela Smith's Commentary: If not, you are a hypocrite and this question is one to address before you continue until you can answer in the affirmative to both questions.  Being intellectually honest means recognizing your own fallibility and forgiving small slights as you wish for small slights you commit to be forgiven in recognition of your own human frailty.  And, someone who rapes a child and then tells them that they have to forgive and cover it up because God said so and then they continue to rape that child and other children without repenting, after Jesus said he thought such people should be drowned in the sea with a stone around their neck and they would be better off dead, is a false prophet.  And, though I empathize with Jesus' call to Wrath and his sentiment, I believe child rapists, human traffickers, and the like should be turned over to the proper government/legal authorities in jurisdictions where those things are crimes and in the US every jurisdiction raping children is a crime as is human trafficking.  So, Judeo-Christian based system of laws and Moses was anti-slavery and human trafficking and Jesus hated child rapists.  That's my understanding.  And, I don't exploit, deceive, traffick, nor rape other people regardless of age or demographics.  And, I actively work to stop all such things as I see them as abominations.  So, where someone who does such things tells me I need to forgive because Jesus said so and they said the magic words "I'm sorry" or "I repent" and then continue to criminally harm others and manipulate by claiming if they say they repent Jesus said forgive them even if they keep erring and sincerely repent each time he wasn't talking about CHOMOS.  He was talking about things like interrupting someone who hadn't finished their point and/or taking a second helping before everyone's been served once. He was talking about small slights and not horrific crimes against humanity.  For swine that commit child rape he called them "pigs" and they were "long pigs" (humans) and he sent them to their death in the sea for harming children and then arguably got the death penalty for being a vigilante.]

2.  Most people get stuck on #1 for a while and we all need to revisit it on occasion.  But, here's a scenario in case you are a child rapist and want to argue that if I were Christian I would just forgive and trust you are acting in good faith because you said "I repent" when caught.  First, you have a history of being deceptive because you did not openly declare your propensity or likelihood to do something the vast majority find to be an abomination and certainly those who consider ourselves Christian.  So, you entered the church under false pretenses.  Baptism by Truth means you agree to be humble enough before God and in God's house to be honest.  And, failure to disclose your intentions with any child to the legal guardian of that child amounts to kidnapping by fraud since you were alone with the child under false pretenses.  The amount of deception you've already exhibited and your exploitation of the trust and good faith of others by the single act alone where you were caught raping a child is significant objective evidence of your vicious nature which you chose to act upon unless you are claiming demonic possession.  If it was your choice, you lack self-discipline and therefore require someone else discipline you such as law enforcement and the criminal justice system since apparently you missed Sunday School and don't understand the Golden Rule.  And, if you claim you are possessed by demons Jesus says to just kill you or that's my interpretation.  So, given others are inclined to identify a child rapist as possibly being able to learn from some form of penitence or imposed disciplinary system and find that more reasonable than the death penalty, child rapists are often not sentenced to death in the USA.  Instead, often plea deals because the victims are so young and testifying might retraumatize them.  So, they almost get away with it even when turned into law enforcement with exception that we have sex offender registries now and can background check to at least avoid known predators.  Justice is a Virtue and one of the many names of God.  Justice requires you pay for your offenses as well as repent while understanding if you harm other people in a legally actionable manner that you have to compensate the injured party in some way for that.  So, if anything you are doing is paying forward your own misery or an injustice you experienced by treating someone else unjustly then you denied justice yourself so maybe shouldn't really try to call upon it once caught in the act.  Justice is one of the names of God.  God's not your bitch and neither am I.  So, your unjust act of harming someone else means Justice might be a bit harsh on you from your perspective because you want to receive what you were unwilling to give.  Do you understand why that's hypocritical and that Jesus hated hypocrites?

3.  What did Jesus mean by "Love your enemy as you love yourself and judge not lest ye be judged"?  Namaste?

[Minister Angela Smith's commentary: My understanding and interpretation of these quotes is that first you need to know yourself.   I know myself and love most of what I know of myself and like most of what I know of myself while recognizing my own human fraility and fallibility aka imperfection.  For example, I know I'd never rape a child and never traffick people.  So, the self I know and love wouldn't do that.  So, since my enemy would do that and I wouldn't I don't love the part of my enemy capable of that and if the act is so horrifying as rape of a child I'm with Jesus in the death penalty but understand and am willing to give grumbling assent to the criminal justice system and process rather than risk it myself by totally following Jesus' example.  And, I judge myself.  Would I rape a child?  No.  If I did, what would I want done to me?  Death penalty.  That's my answer.  It was also the answer of child rapist and murderer Wesley A. Dodd who requested the death penalty and also claimed demonic possession or influence for his actions.  So, maybe he converted to Christianity and recognized the right thing to do in such a scenario was to accept the death penalty or even ask for it.  And, that's my response.  If I did to someone else what was done to me that amounts to vicious criminal misconduct, what would I see as an appropriate disciplinary response?  It's going to be the same because I'm not a hypocrite or do my best not to be and accept reminders.  So, I suppose that makes me a "Little Goody Two Shoes Smarty Pants" or some such.  Is that supposed to be an insult?  God is the Anglo-Saxon word for Good.  So, basically calling me Godly, shoed, and intelligent.  And, for some reason some people think that's a way to insult me.  I find all of that complimentary and still wonder if those that seem evil are just terminally stupid and really don't understand or grasp concepts generally covered in humanities courses such as social studies or really evil and feign stupidity to avoid accountability.  But, if feigning stupidity or developmental disability to avoid accountability and get "treatment" rather than prison time, ill-informed and likely stupid.  See, if you are found incompetent your sentence is indefinite.  And, if you take responsibility for your actions you have a set sentence and opportunity to reclaim freedom to the extent possible given your record.  It depends on the crime as not all crimes rest on mens rea therefore ignorance isn't always though is at times an accepted excuse for some violations.  So, my point is I love everyone who exemplifies any of the virtues noticeably since all Virtues are the many names of God.  And, God hates Vice but has a sick sense of humor about it at times at least from my perspective.  And, some vicious acts are so horrifying they are criminal and come with penalties we impose for that very reason.  And, I think God's punchline is "As above so below".  Here's why....  God is Truth and all Virtues combined, abstract archetype of heroic perfection.  And, Godly people or people of good faith manifest an imperfect version modeling ourselves after the abstract archetype to the best of our limited abilities.  So, where I understand God smites, kills, sends to the pit, or sends to hell those who are vicious or appear demonic, I understand that to mean Wrath since it is eternal from some perspectives.  And, I think our own human systems of justice are just in comparison to what God's Wrath does which just wipes out cities and turns people into pillars of salt.  So, if your fellow humans including me say we want to give you a chance through some form of imposed discipline after you failed to exercise self-discipline in a manner that resulted in serious injury or harm to another person or their property, then that's being really fair because in nature wolf packs and other nonhuman animals have two options exile or death when they threaten the pack.  So, law of the jungle I guarantee you die if you harm a child and the mother is around even if the child is a bear cub and the mother a bear.  And, that's natural law.  God's law, well, I trust Jesus on that in CHOMOS get the death penalty or that's something that would be the Christian thing to do.  And, US law, child rape and human trafficking are serious crimes that need to be reported in a timely fashion for best chance at justice.  And, victims deserve justice and but for the harm caused to them by someone being vicious and doing criminal or tortious things to them they wouldn't seek justice because no harm no foul.  Make sense?]

4.  Did Jesus forgive all sin and sinners or just the two nearest him at time of crucifixion? 

[Minister Angela Smith's Commentary: Jesus forgave a murderer and a thief who stole out of necessity.  We don't know their back story or the context of the murder or stealing.  But, let's say the murderer killed a child rapist and the thief stole food to feed the hungry including himself.  I'm saying his forgiveness of those two only count for those two and no one else.  That's my interpretation of the forgiveness of sin.  I think Jesus knew their whole story and in context found reason to forgive those two sinners at their time of death not unlike Anubis who weighs the hearts of humankind against the feather of justice to determine if they were just or not in their actions/choices to determine their fate in the afterlife.  But, he didn't forgive a single person who harmed children and he expressly called for the death penalty for those who would do that.  And, I believe that if you are of good faith and not a false prophet that you lead by example in being committed to Truth (proximity reached through objective/honest reason), honesty (including intellectual honesty), and all the Virtues (including diligence, modesty, patience, etc.). So, that's my interpretation and understanding.  And, I disclaim any affiliation with anyone who would ever rape a child and believe that's the Christian thing to do.  And, I think it is clear that when children are abused by false prophets they turn away from all things religious often becoming atheists, agnostics, or even Luciferians.  I consider the false prophets Luciferians and vice versa unless mocking and if so they suck and we're gonna beat them at it because God has the best sense of humor.] 

5.  When Jesus prayed to God and said "Forgive them, they know not what they do", what did he mean?

[Minister Angela Smith's Commentary: First, this again supports the proposition that Jesus is a prophet and he is praying on behalf of those who judged him and sentenced him to crucifixion.  Was he paying lip service to the willfully blind to exemplify still taking the high road and also acknowledging God as the sole authority to which he will or would appeal as kind of a #WhatCheneySaid to those who condemned him?  See, Jesus directly forgives the murderer and thief and doesn't appeal to God on their behalf for forgiveness since he judged them to be good enough and deserving of forgiveness.  This is all just my understanding and interpretation.  I understand opinions vary.  But, he doesn't expressly forgive those who condemned him and instead appeals to a higher authority who may feel Wrath is in order for those who condemned him.  And, then the Book of Revelations where the vicious beastly humans are inviting War, Famine, Pestilence (and Disease), and Death, but, Jesus is reincarnated and recognized by the two Marys and Saul who becomes Paul and we know Jesus lives.  So, were those responsible for Jesus' crucifixion forgiven?  He succumbed to Wrath, killed a bunch of CHOMOS without due process, and received the death penalty for vigilantism.  Then, he was reincarnated which proves he was forgiven too just like he forgave the other CHOMO murderer and thief who stole to feed the hungry.  And, that's because he was committed to Truth and Virtue but still held to the laws of society.  So, if Jesus were to live in the US right now where raping children and human trafficking are crimes and the guilty would be prosecuted upon sufficient evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, do you think he'd call to abolish prisons and the death penalty and just forgive everyone because they are stupid and know not what they do?  And, if you believe he would support labeling all vicious criminals as developmentally disabled for the purpose of permanent institutionalization where they will be likely tortured, trafficked, and potentially killed in private unregulated segregated congregate care, do you believe he would find that just?  Did God forgive the crucifiers?  See, from my perspective the crucifiers are unforgiven until they've repented and the evolution of laws (US and international) since that time suggests some repentance but still room for improvements all around.  I believe Jesus would take a look at the convictions of child rapists, Dodd's death sentence, human traffickers, and the like and think that's way better than what people were getting away with due to solely having churches/temples regulate human conduct and issuing penalties.  So, I feel fairly confident I have a good relationship with Jesus and all he represents.  And, that's why my mission remains fighting crime, discouraging vice, and encouraging commitment to Truth and Virtue as described previously.  And, all of this requires a sense of humor because the subject matter is very horrifying but just the stuff that Jesus was and remains angry about so to help deescalate holy wars, I'm choosing to fight the good fight and hope everyone gets the point.]

6.  What is more virtuous in regards to economic systems, Free Market Capitalism, Communism, or Socialism?

[Minister Angela Smith's Commentary: Communism is where all resources are equally divided and everyone works often without freedom to leave assigned tasks without facing discipline by the "mob" or community/government.  Socialism is where industry and government partner and everyone works often without freedom to leave assigned tasks without facing discipline which at times historically has included the death penalty or worse yet vivisection labs.  And, Free Market Capitalism you trade for goods, services and land.  If you have no money, then you have your labor to trade for financial freedom and compensation.  You have the right to work or not work.  If you choose not to work or can't find work, HUD (Section 8-housing vouchers), welfare, Social Security Disability Insurance, and other options for some social security are available to you.  And, where those are too challenging there are other options that I generally wouldn't recommend and would highly suggest living within your means (including taking advantage of available public assistance or charitable assistance when needed) rather than relying on what some people consider charity to those who are presumed to lack a healthy work ethic.  So, don't give up and if you are reading this you have internet access.  52% of the human population does not have internet access.  Source:    So, think about homeless people in third world countries sometimes or even socialist or communist countries.  Think about China and how China treats Tibet and North Korea.  And, then recall the NAZI party was a socialist party.  And, please see pages 169-195 of  And, understand we have way more freedom and way more responsibility in the United States.  Freedom is balanced by Responsibility.  So, the more fiscally responsible you are in life, the more financial freedom you will have as you exercise virtue including due diligence.  Think of yourself perhaps as a microcosm of Wal*Mart.  You start out with an idea to open a department store, open it, and proven successful expand.  All the while you are seeking how to maximize your revenue and minimize expenses.  And, part of that is figuring out what government hand-outs, tax breaks, grants, and subsidies are available to you.  With internet access even at your local public library you can find out what government assistance is available to individuals that match your description.  And, if you prefer not to seek government assistance, many churches or faith-based organizations (some of whom are false prophets and human trafficking storefronts) will welcome you to their congregation but impose conditions on your stay.  And, if you want to avoid those two options, be an entrepreneur or find one who will hire you.  And, if someone steals your wages via wage theft report them to law enforcement or file a small claim suit depending on loss.  Or, file a class action if you aren't the only victim of theft.  There are remedies at law for justice, particularly where provable monetary damages are involved.  It's possible this paragraph would be most helpful to those who are currently illiterate which is why COPE plans to offer tutoring to help people with reading and comprehension.  Again, this is just my opinion and I'm open to considering other points of view. ]

7.  Does the US require businesses and individuals to act in good faith and penalize those who do not when effectively reported to the proper authorities by a directly injured party?

[Minister Angela Smith's Commentary: The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) governing business transactions which would include trading labor (services) for cash must be done in good faith.  This is, according to Cornell School of Law, intended to convey a requirement of honesty and fair dealing in trade for goods and services.  And, when people breach a contract it is actionable at law.  Also, when people commit fraud and deceive or falsely advertise that is also considered both a crime and tort.  However, it involves deceit and has a short statute of limitations in most US jurisdictions.  So, the law's position is that if a person of reasonable intelligence by exercising due diligence would have identified the fraud before the statute of limitations ran out that parties who fail to do so are either incompetent or otherwise out of luck in getting a refund or justice unless they can prove discovery of an injury they can directly attribute to the fraud that may extend the statute of limitations and lawyers should be consulted in such a case.  Or, you can file a consumer complaint with your home state's attorney general using the online form for doing so under your state's header at if you live in the USA.  I've recently suggested to Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) and Governor Jay Inslee (D-WA) that the Secretary of State and/or business licensing authorities be required to exercise a modicum of due diligence and verify claims of applicants for licensure to make sure they are not committing fraud.  I suggested asking three questions regarding any application for licensure.  Are their services based on apocryphal evidence and for profit?  Are their services faith-based and for profit?  And, do they disclaim all liability, responsibility, and accountability while requiring clients/users completely indemnify them and assume all risk in regards to any transactions?  If the answer is "Yes" to those three or any one of them really, you are dealing with a scam which will scam people until someone who falls for it wises up and turns them in or sues before the statute of limitations expires.  And, scams and fraud involve deception and dishonesty.  So, if you believe their lies and don't discover you were lied to within the statute of limitations where a person of reasonable intelligence exercising due diligence would've recognized the fraud in a timely fashion, you are out of luck or may be considered incompetent in the eyes of the law.]

8.  What is the Truth?

[Minister Angela Smith's Commentary: Again, all of this is my commentary and you are free to disagree or e-mail me at to discuss or share your point of view with me if you can't wait for the first COPE Ministries Revival or Brick and Mortar Miracle.  I personally use legal standards of evidence when determining if something is true or not.  I tend to stick with by a preponderance of the evidence in most situations where there is a controversy as to what is true.  And, I fact check, cross reference, and consider opposing views and multiple sources before I will state something is fact rather than opinion or current perspective.  So, I also exercise logic and have ways to spot a liar, telling the truth and asking questions (particularly of the "Yes" or "No" variety) usually drives them nuts so that's one tell.  And, at times I feel I intuit something to be true.  For example, I might feel a close friend is struggling miles away and reach out to comfort them or see if they are okay.  And, sometimes when that happens I'm right because I call and verify by having a conversation with the person I was concerned about or intuited they may have an issue.  And, sometimes I'm right but the other person is in the middle of some horror freak show and not at liberty to talk to me.  And, when that happens I often think of it as a rescue and make sure I'm available in the event the horror show ends or they walk out and need to talk to someone who was there for them the whole time and knows exactly the mindfuckery that the injurious tortfeasor or criminal that harmed them is capable of being a victim of the same party or similar parties off and on throughout my life.  So, for me the Truth is evidence-based and the entire material world is God's creation.  And, even if you see the earth as just a chaotic biological petri dish and life as a crazy science experiment then I think that you've studied enough science and math to consider that and likely will get to a point if you haven't already where you understand the importance of honest reason, reliable evidence, intuitive and even logical knowing, and I verify when at first I intuit because I think of that as God giving me a hint that I can now treasure hunt to solve the mystery by investigating the intuited notion in the material world.  Sometimes I solve a mystery faster than others or just believe I misread a sign (a little dyslexic at times) or perhaps there was interference by some oppressor between me and God.  But, those are just thoughts and how I think and feel sometimes.  So, I don't state it as fact that God is sending me on treasure hunts via intuitive signaling or signs or dreams of any sort at times.  But, as a woman of good faith who has verified many intuited events by fact checking in the material world, I feel it is safe to say that if it is true, God provides verification and all of creation is the place to start if you aren't certain and wish to verify and confirm the Truth.  And, most likely you'll get reasonably close enough on matters that matter and things that don't often aren't true.  But, here's a brainteaser for you.  It may prove God exists or support that depending on your perspective.  It is impossible to prove infinity exists but mathemeticians and rocket scientists theorize it does and use it in logical calculations of sorts at times.  So, I'll agree to acknowledge the possibility of infinity if atheists/scientists agree to acknowledge the possibility of God (at least as an Abstract Archetype representing Truth and All The Virtues Perfectly Realized and Perpetual).  And, I may choose to deny the existence of infinity since it hasn't been proven and can't be if faced with a scientist who makes similar claims about God when evidence that Truth and Virtue result in Peace and Justice when exercised and practiced is abundant and evidence that Deception and Vice result in War and Injustice is prevalent.  Since Good is defined as virtuous, honest, wholesome, and all things good and God is the Anglo-Saxon word for Good, I sincerely think everyone's excited about semantics and being tribalistic in regards to what can and will be considered philosophically or theoretically as practically applied to everyday life.  And, God applies way more effectively based on my understanding to my life than the notion of infinity.  That's the truth of my reality.]

9.  What is the difference between bad faith and good faith?

[Minister Angela Smith's Commentary: Good Faith is honest (including intellectually honest), virtuous (generous, respectful, kind, merciful, reasonable (aka just for the sake of justice), etc.), and committed to the Absolute Truth when fully realized.  Bad Faith is deceptive (including delusional or rationalizing rather than objectively considering), vicious (greedy, vain, slothful (lazy), gluttonous, envious, unreasonable and unjust, etc.) and committed to instant gratification at the expense of others.  For examples of bad faith see and  And, for an example of good faith besides this website, see  Again, this is simply my point of view and in the tradition of the "Mad Priest" John Ball and Monty Python's "Life of Brian" I recognize we are all individuals and all equals in the eyes of God and so should show mutual respect for all.  Respect means consideration and when someone is lying to you you should consider that fact before believing anything they say and likely take what they say with a grain of salt or throw it out unless useful as evidence of their deception should you need to present it for some reason.]

10.  Should we turn the following statement into a t-shirt or tattoo for CHOMOS?  "If I am alone with any child I will be tempted to have inappropriate and often sexual contact with them.  And, given their naivete or innocence even if I disclose my intentions to the child, the child won't understand.  This is why the law sees children as having minority status and requiring a responsible adult as legal guardian.  And, the legal guardian would and does understand the threat posed by my vices and would be the party that would have to give informed consent or permission and legally they can't because that would be conspiracy to commit rape of a child with the parent as a co-conspirator.  So, if I'm competent I understand these concepts and don't rape people because I understand I can be tried, convicted, and sometimes sentenced to death for it because the majority find it an abomination and for good reason.  And, if I do it, I'll lie about it because I'd prefer not to go to jail even though I understand that's where I belong."  If you think this should be a t-shirt sold or gifted to CHOMOS, please e-mai .  Maybe we should send a case of them to NAMBLA. 

11.  This question is multiple choice and a personality test of sorts.  What is the meaning of "God helps those who help themselves" to you?

a.  God helps those who help others

b.  Take whatever you want (Help Yourself To Everything)

c.  God helps those who help in return

d.  God supports self-help


a.  If you chose "a" then you are altruistic, idealistic, extremely virtuous, but may lack some practical skills in focusing too much on details while avoiding the obvious answer or solution. 

b.  If you chose "b" you are a narcissist and/or Luciferian and unwelcome at COPE as a result of your commitments to vice. 

c.  If you chose "c" you are reasonable, moral, and moderate.

d.  If you chose "d" you need to be very careful.  Many cults (fraudulent "for profit" soothsaying narcissists) claim to operate under the self-help umbrella and then keep telling people they get out of it what they put into it and that's why they call it self-help while charging people and manipulating them using pyramid schemes and fake certifications at diploma mills and things like that.  So, you really need to think about your existing actual real circumstances and set a reasonable goal to achieve and research to find out how to achieve that goal.  And, if your goal is enlightenment, any library will be able to get you started and you can start in any section you want including comparative religion and philosophy and at some point, you'll be enlightened.  If your goal is getting your basic needs met and were approached by someone on a street corner offering to solve all your problems if you join their organization or volunteer, don't do it.  That's most likely a cult.  COPE Ministries does not require those receiving help offer help to us in return, but, welcome contributions and support.  And, that's one way to tell the difference between a church and a cult.  Cults force their recruits into some form of uncompensated labor and basically human trafficking, some in more subtle ways than others.  Churches appeal to the haves to act as a charitable resource for the have-nots to help bridge the gaps in social services.  Cults use the have-nots and farm them out to some of the "haves" and then receive "donations" for providing "volunteer services" to corporations, farms, etc.  So, COPE Ministries does not do that at all and never will.  We will seek to partner with or other job providers and just help people get jobs by providing job fairs and such without expecting those willing to work to turn over their earnings to us for assisting with job placement.  And, if now you are uncomfortable about organized religion, I understand.  So, self-help is best if you read more and take authority over your own life because if you don't and look for guidance there are many who will exploit you and your subjugated posture resulting from low self-confidence (self-esteem is bullshit, self-confidence is where it's at and you need to study and know some things to build it) will likely end badly.  So, please beware and if you've been through any trauma-based, aversive, coercive, or similar thought reform process (including induction to PETA via "Meet Your Meat" and vivisection lab torture videos followed by emotionally manipulative appeals taking facts out of context and ignoring the obvious while avoiding questions by volunteers) understand you just need to deprogram and it's okay to just read some books of your choosing, listen to music you like, watch a few good movies, and attempt to reconnect with old friends you hung out with before that experience caused a separation.  And, if for any reason you are no longer welcome with those friends and you need a social life of some sort, COPE Ministries is here and we won't exploit, traffick, rape, or harm you in any way.  We will respect your autonomy and perspective.  Your point of view is always welcome even if we disagree as long as you are being honest (including intellectually honest).  But, you might be a co-dependent trapped in a narcissism loop if answered "d".  That's a terrible position.  Try "a" or "c" or make one of those your goal.  "c" is the objectively best option.  And, this is just my opinion and you are free to disagree and e-mail me at if you disagree or agree or just want to have something added to the page at .  That's another difference.  I and COPE Ministries accept negative and positive feedback and will post both on the sites.  Cults threaten members into not complaining nor questioning the narcissist in charge's authority.  You can question me on anything.  Happy to talk.  COPE Ministries is not a cult.

12.  What is the difference between a cult (narcissist) and a church (person of good faith)?

[Minister Angela Smith's Commentary: It is my view that everything exists as part of a spectrum with varying degrees of enlightenment (commitment to Absolute TRUTH (achieved through objective and honest reasoning) and VIRTUE (i.e. mercy, generosity, love, kindness, respect, justice, diligence, etc).  I feel people who are aware that they prefer when people are honest and virtuous with them that the Golden Rule is simple enough and if they like people to deal with them honestly and virtuously then they should reasonably know others will appreciate if they respond in kind or even initiate from that position.  I think in ignoring that you recognize that you like when others are nice people of good faith and you decide manipulating, coercing, unduly influencing, or otherwise viciously deceiving them to serve some selfish, greedy, and vicious purpose that is so self-serving it creates a debt in many ways to the good people who've been duped by your deception, you reveal yourself as a narcissist whether you act as an individual or under the guise of some enterprise (scam/fraud/cult/etc.).  And, many say the Kingdom of God is within us.  Jesus is in my heart, I guarantee you that.  So, in that case we ourselves are like individual churches and we build upon the foundation of Truth with commitment to Virtue if of Good Faith.] 

13.  What do you think of the Book of Ezekiel, wheels within wheels, cherubim, the two Marys, and Jesus' life story in consideration of all things referenced in the question (talking King James Bible, see reading recommendations)?

[Minister Angela Smith's Commentary: I think both Mary's represent Jesus' mother in a sense.  I think Mother Mary, wife to Joseph, had sex out of wedlock and Joseph being a good man did the right thing and like all people of conservative values said a child out of wedlock is a gift from God.  And, I think Mother Mary gave birth to Jesus and then later he met Mary M. and they got together and then he died as a result of crucifixion and then Mary M. gives birth to their love child and both Mother Mary and Mary M. see the resemblance and the tomb for 3 days represents Mary M.'s days in labor before giving birth to their child where both Marys see the resemblance to Jesus and so does Saul who becomes Paul who may have decided to make an honest woman of Mary M. which is how all that happened.  And, that the Book of Ezekiel explains everything I just said to those who have studied the Bible thoroughly including various editions, translations, and arguable bastardizations (i.e. Dead Sea Scrolls).  Again, this is just how I understand and interpret the Bible.  This is not necessarily correct.  It is what I reasonably believe to be true.  But, I also know the Catholic Church has a big hand in what people know to be true regarding Jesus.  And, the Catholic Church has a saint called St. George who was sainted for "slaying dragons and telling tales".  I could get into other areas that suggest myth plays a role, the Books of Ezekiel and Revelations both support that, but, I won't.  I will say that Jesus' is an excellent example of both what to do and what not to do based on my understanding and in full context of this paragraph and entire site.  And, so is Cain.  If familiar with the Bible, do you think Cain represents Satan?  Cain was a narcissist.  He was jealous and vicious because God favored Abel over Cain.  See, now we're getting into the whole storyline with Abel representing humanity and Cain representing Lucifer, right?  And, Cain was a narcissist and couldn't handle his brother being favored.  So, I hope that works everything out for some people.  I know I feel better.  And, this is just my perspective.  You are welcome and even encouraged to disagree with me if that's your intellectually honest position.  And, I look forward to both "complimentary" and "critical" feedback.  Jesus is awesome and now I'm so curious if Mary and Paul moved to Tibet and started the whole Tibetan Buddhist movement.  Someone will need to ask the Dalai Lama.]

14.  Considering Cain (Desolate One/Exiled for Murdering Abel), the "prodigal son" who returns, Jesus (Messenger of God--If you rape children, if the law doesn't get you, vigilantes might), and Moses (establisher of laws to discourage vice and avoid Sodom and Gomorrah lawlessness and arguable anarchy), does the Bible support prison and/or the death penalty?

[Minister Angela Smith's Commentary: Cain felt he worked hard but was unappreciated and was jealous of the favorability shown to Abel.  Cain was a vegetarian and his offering was vegetables (seriously, Hitler might have been Cain reincarnated) and God preferred Abel's offering of meat.  Cain felt that was bullshit because his vegetables are fine and he works hard.  But, he couldn't handle the truth that meat is better and contains B-12 which is a necessary nutrient for human health that can't be digested or even gained effectively from vegetarianism (unless you also eat eggs and milk, both contain B-12).  So, Cain was a narcissist and should've seen if anyone else was interested in his produce rather than murdering Abel just because Abel was favored by God.  But, Cain is exiled for Murdering Abel.  Isn't exile similar to prisons?  In a world so populated, there really aren't anymore "Australias" to ship convicts too for exile and if you have seen "Alien 3" starring Sigourney Weaver you know a prison planet is taking segregation too far or way more costly and arguably cruel than the death penalty.  So, Cain, being a narcissist is considered incorrigible.  God just tells him to walk away because by killing Abel he killed all of humankind according to my understanding of Islamic scripture.  But, again, you have to understand figurative language, metaphor, and how artful nuance can often create or inspire ethical and moral considerations perhaps previously overlooked by readers or patrons of the arts.  So, does the prodigal son answer Cain's question?  Arguably, Cain's question is "What am I supposed to do better, can someone tell me that?  I'm doing my best."  And, that question seems stupid.  Did God say he hated the vegetables and thought Cain should just give up and not even bother since Abel's meat is all that matters and Cain's vegetables are garbage?  No, God did not say that.  So, with the prodigal son, we have an answer for Abel.  The answer is "Don't fucking viciously murder your brother out of love for vegetables or need for appreciation beyond what is true for the recipient of your offering.  If you feel like you are not appreciated at home or want to explore and see what the world has to offer, a good father will support you in your independence and soul-searching and welcome you when you return home of your own accord.  See, the father doesn't kick out the prodigal son nor send him to a concentration camp or labor camp of some sort either as a result of some struggle between authoritarianism and encouraging independence.  He respects the choice of his son to leave and return.  So, it's basically saying to Cain that he should've just walked away because plenty of people like vegetables too and if honest he knows he likes meat better than vegetables too.  So, being a bit of a little bitch and then killing Abel.  And, that's criminal and not just sinning.  The little bit of vanity that may result in prodigality is more self-assurance and desire for self-reliance and while arguably shows imperfection or a hint of vice/sin, it isn't the same as killing/murdering your brother because God likes his burnt offering better.  And, awfully nice of God in that instance to let Cain live because once Moses shows up, some laws happening and some people gettin' stoned to death, am I right?  So, the prodigal son is the response to Cain's question from my perspective.  And, Jesus and Moses #TaoFu respond to each other.  Moses recognizes that lawlessness and viciousness results in hedonistic insanity that puts everyone at risk.  And, God lays down the foundation for laws (or people borrow or get an idea from Hammurabi) and those laws are enforced often with fines, indentured servitude, exile (modern prison), or death.  Jesus knows this, but, he's frustrated with the hypocrisy and corruption of what he sees as a beautiful basis for everyone to commit to Absolute Truth and Virtue as are the teachings and meaning of scripture.  And, sees that the hypocrites are not doing anything to stop the CHOMOS because they like the money too much.  And, Jesus rationalizes and decides vigilantism is the only way to respond where the law fails in it's duty to protect and serve.  And, he exacts justice killing a lot of CHOMOS.  And, then, the hypocrites do notice that and don't appreciate the loss in revenue and try him because technically he did violate the law in enforcing it where those charged with the task failed in their duty.  And, he is crucified and gets the death penalty.  So, for me, the lesson here is Cain/Lucifer is a little whiny self-absorbed bitch who can shut the fuck up and should avoid someone who recognizes narcissists and is prepared to fight because "na na na na na you broke the law you are just as bad as me ha ha ha ha" is a misunderstanding of scripture.  Jesus was enforcing the law where others failed and had been corrupted, but, acted out of a commitment to Absolute Truth and Virtue, not out of vice or deceit.  Cain deceives himself in failing to admit Abel's meat is objectively better than his vegetables.  I guarantee it.  And, then he murders Abel because of his delusional narcissism and need to falsely believe he's superior when he is not.  Wait, Jesus got impatient, he thought something should be illegal that wasn't clearly illegal at the time and perhaps there wasn't a process for legislative activism or changing the laws or establishing new laws yet?  But, we have that in the US and raping children and human trafficking are serious crimes, we just need to turn them in and keep the pressure on enforcement and ourselves to make sure it's not happening in our own backyard.  And, that's a primary reason for this Church and I believe it is very Christian and aligned with scripture as I understand it and respect that others have opposing or divergent views.]

15.  If Cain/Lucifer (vicious/deceptive/etc) was exiled and sent to prison and Jesus (virtuous/succumbed to wrath/honest) got the death penalty, what makes you so special that if vicious and deceptive you believe you should avoid either sentence or penalty?

[Minister Angela Smith's Commentary:  If I'm judged beyond a reasonable doubt to have committed an offense (sin) that modern laws identify as having a correlating penalty including fine, imprisonment, or death, I accept that.  I understand humanity is imperfect and there are degrees of vice or vicious misconduct.  I've solely experienced parking and speeding tickets in terms of penalties as an adult.  I paid them.  I didn't argue with law enforcement nor suggest that since everyone has faults mine should be excused where they pose a potential risk of harm to others.  How does parking beyond the time allotted harm others?  Well, other people who want to park there and were willing and able to pay were denied access while I used the spot longer than I contractually agreed to based on the meter and my feeding of it.  The businesses operating where I parked longer than permitted without feeding the meter benefited from my patronage.  But, they benefit from other shoppers too and just like with a restaurant they want to serve and clear as many guests/tables as possible before end of business and appreciate when people understand that.  And, the city has limited street parking and lots of businesses that really want lots of traffic and depend on it to sustain their businesses.  So, while I feel it may not be a big deal if I was 5 minutes late back to my car, people waiting for my spot and the businesses waiting on them appreciate if I help pay for maintaining the streets and parking where I didn't exercise due diligence by paying more ahead of time or selecting an automatic renewal option of some sort.  And, the last speeding ticket I received was I believe issued somewhere in Wyoming or the Dakotas where the speed limit is insanely high (75 mph or higher) and I had to use the bathroom and it was basically prairie-central with no facilities and no trees for modesty of any sort.  That was my circumstance.  But, I was pulled over as a result of going 89 MPH and ticketed as going over 100 MPH because people were passing me as if I were going too slow which made me so nervous.  But, I think they clocked another vehicle and got me because I was going slower but still arguably speeding and I got the ticket for the other person, they searched my car briefly, and then let me go.  About 5 minutes later down the road, there was a small shopping center where I relieved myself properly.  But, I still paid the ticket.  I understood I was out-of-state plates and arguably an easy target.  I also respect law enforcement and understand the reasonableness of the citation even if I know it was not deserved to the extent those passing me with local plates deserved a ticket.  See, speeding is illegal because it creates unreasonable risks to persons and property and traffic accidents and deaths/serious injuries related to that are evidence of that fact.  So, it just seems obvious to me and I respect the law and reasonableness of the law(s) in most, if not all, cases.  And, I love living in the USA where if a law is unreasonable or unconstitutional, we can challenge it respectively in congress (or through citizen ballot initiatives in states where permitted) or the courts.  I think that's fair along with the beyond a reasonable doubt standard regarding convictions even though the system is fallible.  I don't have an unreasonable expectation that human systems of government be perfect because they are human systems of government.  And, I accept that sometimes that means the law is an ass.  (Judge Judy uses that one sometimes.)  But, I still prefer a world where we have a social contract and standards of human conduct and decency that if seriously violated come with a significant penalty.  And, for all the vigilantes who succumb to Wrath in response to vicious deceivers, I understand.  But, I also know you understand that Jesus got the death penalty for it and that you don't expect a better outcome than Jesus in that situation but may get one in the modern era.  And, if deceptive and vicious and you get Cain/Lucifer's deal, you want the way it is described for Cain in that he just gets exiled and not necessarily imprisoned for viciously murdering his brother Abel and arguably all humankind as a result from some perspectives.   The US would've likely given Cain the death penalty unless wealthy like Leopold and Loeb and then he would just get life in prison without parole most likely.  But, in terms of Lucifer as Cain, eternal imprisonment never to be released but maybe lucky enough to become an overseer or trustee in charge of all the other inmates/sinners/etc.  Assata Shakur sought asylum in Cuba fleeing US authorities and Cuba granted her asylum.  That would be a form of choosing exile over the penal system of the US.  But, she escaped and fled to Cuba and requested asylum and they granted it.  Now, if exercising due diligence and you want to go somewhere where the laws are more aligned with your values and don't wish to adhere to the social contract that is the US Constitution, you need to study and find that place and go there before you decide to just break US laws and don't bother addressing them through the courts or legislative process due to impatience, which is understandable in some cases, but, still leads to vicious misconduct even among the righteous at heart at times.  So, two wrongs don't make a right is the bottom line.  And, there is a right way to create change and illegal ways to try which just result in your own arguable self-sabotage when considered objectively.  So, for me, I like the relative comfort and security having some government and laws provides while also accepting I'm independently responsible for myself and my own actions where if I breach the social contract in some way, I am penalized.  I don't think you can both reasonably call on government to socialize everything and provide a universal basic income while claiming to hate or dislike being governed while knowing the government will govern more if everything is socialized.  I think some people haven't considered things all the way through and that from some perspectives are saying "We want our cake and to eat it too."  You need to learn to bake cakes for yourself and then you can eat them and share them with whomever you want and no one will stop you.  Maybe COPE Ministries will have a bake sale. You will be welcome to participate.  Maybe just a potluck or barbecue social of some sort.  Regardless, take a look at yourself and ask yourself if someone did to you what you did or plan to do that is vicious to someone else, how would you honestly handle it and/or what penalty would you want the government or law to impose for the harm to you?  Then you'll understand why we have prisons and the death penalty.  Make sense?  And, I love the Black Panthers and Green Party.  However, I think sometimes the solution is faith-based and not political when you consider all the variables and the Constitution.]

16.  Why do you choose to be virtuous rather than vicious?  (This is a multiple choice question.)

a.  Avoid Penalty

b.  Golden Rule (Not A Hypocrite)

c.  None of the Above

If you chose "a" then you are evidence that assigning a penalty for an offense does act as a deterrent.  Did you ever choose not to do something because your parent would ground you or put you on time-out if you did it?  See, it's the same concept whether you are a child considering how your parents will respond to your conduct, an adult considering how society/government will respond to your conduct, and/or anyone concerned about how God will respond to your conduct.  When parents and government are good/virtuous (or more virtuous than vicious) then they provide for freedom and security in a reasonable manner respectful of rights and responsibilities of all involved.  And, when parents and government are bad/vicious then they tend to oppress and cause severe insecurity which for some is debilitating and/or deadly.

If you chose "b" then you are a person of good faith who likely should have no difficulty avoiding penalty.

If you chose "c" you are being vicious or humorous and you know it.  If vicious you are a hypocrite and if humorous a bit of a liar for the sake of self-amusement and as long as you are aware of that fact you aren't delusional and just being funny.

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