Below are featured two embedded episodes of the series "Trading Spouses" that ran on the Fox Network.  One is of a family that is involved in commercial animal product sales that has one family member (the mother/wife) trade places with a vegan of another family.  The second is a family that is very Southern Christian where the mother/wife of that family trades places with a Pagan/Astrologer/Secularist.  How welcoming, respectful, and receptive to each other's points of view highlights perhaps areas everyone can address to be more welcoming, respectful, and receptive to each other even when views differ as long as no one is being harmed in a legally actionable manner.

Trading Spouses (on Fox Network) Loupe/Gates Families


Trading Spouses (on Fox Network) Perrin/Flisher Families

I, Rev. Angela Smith, feel the two above videos should give you an idea of preferred ways to share information and how different approaches have different results.  But, where honest reason prevails, progress is actually made.

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