For those populating the HEAL Mission watch-list and involuntarily virtually interned for the purposes of religious and/or philosophical conversion, this statement may seem prima facie hypocritical if taken out of context.  However, I, Minister Angela Smith of the Church Of Philosophical Exploration (COPE) Ministries, am quite sincere and happy to elaborate.  Peace is defined thus by Merriam Webster: "1 : a state of tranquility or quiet: such as a : freedom from civil disturbance b : a state of security or order within a community provided for by law or custom  2 : freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions ."  Source:   So, for the purposes here, I'm stating those who threaten security by violating laws against fraud, human trafficking, and other heinous crimes applicable in accordance with social contract theory, the US Constitution, and laws of the United States of America are oppressive to the public by the very nature of their own choices and actions.  Deception itself has been deemed oppressive.  As a Good Shepherd, I see it as part of my duty as a minister to provide factual information and additional perspectives to consider in regards to those entities populating the watch-list in hopes the Whole Truth will be known and any threats to peaceful co-existence exterminated or converted (part of an homage and/or mock of the Convert or Die game as is arguably the Conversion Program/Watch-List). 

Let's take a look at Sacred Breath Academy.  Sacred Breath Academy is one of many populating the watch-list.  They do not care for the placement and as survivors of institutionalized abuse such as myself can attest, when one doesn't care for such a placement one finds a way to protest and Sacred Breath Academy, like myself, protests the placement through their own site.  The issue is with their unwillingness to consider facts in context and denial of their own responsibility or accountability which they reference their disclaimer for all responsibility for everything they do whenever anyone suggests they should be accountable for their own actions.  And, recently it appears they may be creating and using "anonymous" Twitter accounts like to troll (COPE's Twitter).  Please also see

Now, here's what Sacred Breath Academy has asked and/or demanded of me and/or the HEAL Mission:

1.  Remove reference to Leonard Orr because Sacred Breath Academy claims no affiliation while at the same time claiming International Breathwork Foundation affiliation which gives a tribute to Leonard Orr.  So, as a result of the facts differing from statements made by Sacred Breath Academy, said reference hasn't been removed and the reason is because it would be deceptive or violate the leading principle of the church to do so.  So, that's why we didn't make that change and won't.  This is something Sacred Breath Academy may argue shows that I want war rather than peace because I just don't let them oppress me or silence the truth and that my or the HEAL Mission being vocal or literary at all in providing facts to the public is somehow evidence we're the ones who don't want peace.

2.  Add seven competitors including BioDynamic Breath and Trauma Release Inc to the watch-list and investigate or expose them and everyone else practicing breathwork too.  All seven including BioDynamic Breath and Trauma Release Inc were added to the watch-list at the time of Sacred Breath Academy's request we do that.  Subsequently, I've done outreach to all seven and e-mailed them all with additional information and the offer.  BioDynamic Breath and Trauma Release Inc is actually operated by a licensed therapist and is licensed as a business/LLC in both New York and Wyoming which I verified so I removed them from the watch-list since there were no complainants and their being added was on the unreliable word of Sacred Breath Academy alone.  Click here to read the dialogue where BioDynamic and COPE worked things out.

3.  Provide Sacred Breath Academy a copy of my passport and driver's license.  I do not have a passport.  I do have a driver's license and provided a copy of that via e-mail attachment (to Sean Stone) and in my court filed response.  I had already provided a copy of my birth certificate to explain part of the inspiration of referencing Andromeda or the Andromeda Strain (science fiction film about an alien virus) when discussing ideas for future art projects with Stone.  I was born at Vandenberg AFB in California.  And, I'd been effectively identified and ways to reach me vary, but, most are all publicly available.  So, I feel I satisfactorily met that term, request, or demand.

4.  Sacred Breath Academy has demanded I post about the restraining order and all the information.  I've added the link to their anti-HEAL site to our pages at and  I've also created the entire page at to provide additional context, but, upon further reflection decided maybe I shouldn't participate in Sacred Breath Academy's abuse of Sean Stone and edited it.  But, even more is available at and anything no longer available online for immediate access may still be available upon request if you e-mail me

5.  Sacred Breath Academy insists I don't know Sean Stone nor anyone in his family.  The evidence that proves otherwise in regards to Sean Stone is at and more is available upon request if you e-mail me.  And, I've been a huge fan of Oliver Stone for what feels like my entire life because my PapaSam was a fan of his too.  I often do shout outs to artists I enjoy, admire, or respect when commenting online.  And, sometimes something cool happens like this:

I've never claimed to know Oliver Stone personally in any communications with anyone.  I do think it is cool that he liked one of my tweets recognizing and appreciating his body of work.  And, Oliver has not asked nor demanded I discontinue e-mailing him at work and I still do on occasion.  I don't recognize Sacred Breath Academy's authority to speak for Oliver Stone nor any member of his family.  And, that's part of where the friction continues to exist in some ways.  So, I'm not going to discontinue my fondness, affection, admiration, or offer of friendship or support to Oliver Stone nor any member of his family where such feelings may reasonably apply.  And, I feel it is unreasonable for an ignorant cult leader to demand I disbelieve my own life experiences to support their insane and unsupported narrative.

So, I've done everything Sacred Breath Academy demanded or asked with exception to removing them from the watch-list because they belong on it and the evidence of that is at  I have and continue to make the following offer which they can accept at any time:

Sacred Breath Academy can voluntarily choose to discontinue operations and virtually die so they can be buried at if unwilling to meet the Honesty In Marketing Standards or resolve other differences through honest dialogue sans oppressive measures.

The issue is some people prove they want to control how others perceive and understand the world around them by their very oppressive express commitment to censor others.  I don't censor others and is just one example.  I retweeted whom I believe is likely Sacred Breath Academy very recently to show my commitment to even sharing their comments via retweet there too.  See:  And, while Sacred Breath Academy wants to silence me privately while attacking me and/or my church and mission publicly and privately themselves, I'm responding by saying I'm willing to discuss things reasonably and honestly where if they are remotely reasonable or legitimate and can prove that (they can't) that I'll treat them like BioDynamic if shown to be in error.

So, I'm not willing to let Sacred Breath Academy assume authority in my life and respect if they choose to disregard me as an authority in their life.  However, if peace and harmony is something Sacred Breath Academy offers, I'm not paying for lip service and want the real thing which I'm offering on my end.  And, as a microcosm of any macrocosm related to war and peace, it highlights how mutual respect or lack thereof can result in perpetuating peace and/or war.  But for Sacred Breath Academy's tortious and/or criminal ongoing misconduct, I would not have accepted their enrollment on the watch-list.  So, their placement is a response to their own misconduct where I'm willing to listen, consider additional facts and evidence, and make changes myself when supported by the facts.  And, instead of showing any willingness to reach a peaceful understanding, they've chosen to troll, harass, and reinforce my existing concerns for Sean Stone's safety and the safety of anyone who enrolls in their unlicensed, unaccredited, unqualified "academy".  Many of my allies think I've been too considerate and generous in this situation and those on the watch-list feel I haven't been considerate enough.  Regardless, everyone is welcome to provide feedback

In addition, if you want to see the reasonable offer I'm making to resolve this conflict and restore amicable relations, click here.