Evidencing Abstract Intangibles Exist 




Whether you recognize it or not, abstract intangibles exist.  While the Truth can be discovered and verified through empirical sensory processes with records on progress that are peer reviewed for the sake of the veracity of claims of Truth in all matters that manifest materially, the Virtues are often solely verifiable through expression and observation.  Truth and ALL the Virtues combined are what COPE refers to as GOD.  If you are not comfortable using the word GOD to describe all the good abstract intangibles (i.e. virtues) as well as Truth, please tolerate that COPE and others choose to so reference.  Mark Twain got more right than wrong.  That being said, below is a table listing abstract intangibles that may only be observed by humans when expressed/exhibited in the material world.  If you believe those abstract intangibles exist, then COPE believes that means you are of good faith whether you choose to call any of those abstract intangibles God (or God's qualities) or not. Can you prove any of the following abstract intangibles exist?  If not, would it be reasonable to deny the possibility of their existence?


2.   LOVE*







9.   MERCY

For some reason, when a 10 is added it creates a space before the word and the words don't align nicely so COPE decided to go with 9 for that reason, but, there are way more abstract intangibles than those listed and that's just a sampling to get you started or keep you going.  This is COPE's evidence that atheists are either delusional or illogical.  #SorryNotSorry


* 1 John 4:8: "He that loueth not, knowith not God; for God is charite."  [Wycliffe Bible]  [Translation: He that loves not, knows not God; for God is charity.  (Middle English "Charite" is defined as: "The supreme virtue of Love or Charity according to Christian doctrine, comprising affection, devotion, benevolence, kindness, mercy, gratitude as between God and human, and, human and human."  Source: https://quod.lib.umich.edu/m/middle-english-dictionary/dictionary?utf8=%E2%9C%93&search_field=hnf&q=charite)]


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