Rev. Angela Smith has determined that the most any individual who claims to be socialist should keep and use for any and/or all personal expenses (including household expenses of the individual) is $18,205.85 annually.  This is based on the global gross domestic product of 2019 divided by the entire human population in 2020.  Rev. Angela Smith has taken a vow of poverty so anything given to the church that exceeds $12,749 annually (which supports Rev. Angela Smith's availability to provide support to victims of crimes and torts daily along with all other church/mission services) depending on earmarks, will be redistributed likely to one of the other charities besides the Church Of Philosophical Exploration (COPE) referenced below.  The $12,749 is enough to cover current operating expenses of the church and mission.  So, here's the challenge for all you socialists out there to put your money where your mouth is right now.  Live on an annual budget of $18,205.85 (net) and anything over that donate to charity.  If you will not do this, you are not a socialist and can shut the fuck up.  [Do not argue about the difference between Communism and Socialism here.  You want to say the $18,205.85 is more of a Communist redistribution than a Socialist one, don't you?  Well, if Nazis (AKA Hindi Nationalists) are the socialists, then socialists can all drop dead and everyone can consider this a Communist challenge who would make that argument.]  Charities Rev. Angela Smith recommends: 

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FREE & CHARITABLE CLINICS GRID ALTERNATIVES (ENVIRO) An individual you know that makes/receives less than that to help make sure everyone gets their share of annual global GDP.  However, such a gift would not be tax-deductible in most, if not all, cases in the US.

*You may also consider this a Wycliffite Christian Challenge promoting the virtues of generosity, humbleness, and modesty for the greater good even if you budget differently and are a charitable capitalist.

[Freedom, civil liberties, and civil rights all come with minimum responsibilities at law as well as risks and opportunities.  So, ignorance is not a qualification for advancement and brutality is not an effective means against a well-armed populace (including the government endowed by the public with authority to enforce laws).  But, if you avoid hypocrisy by being completely honest, you may see that if companies are taxed greater then the cost of that will be visited on the consumer which will reduce availability and affordability overall for everyone.  Also, the government would decide how the money is spent and right now, most federal legislators receive $174,000/year each (US House and Senate members) from taxpayers.  So, the plan is flawed.  The good news is that if you are truly socialist/communist, then if you work full-time at minimum wage in Washington State right now, you already have annual net earnings of over $21,000, so, should be donating around $3K to charity to lead by example in solidarity with all of humanity in deserving an equal share of global domestic product annually regardless of assumed risks, investments of time or money, or any other factors that may support your keeping the $3K.  And, if you don't want the government to have it, then you can donate that amount to charity and get a refund of no more than your taxes due.  And, to show solidarity donate that too.  That way you decide what is worth funding or supporting as a member of your community and society rather than the government.  That's one of the responsibilities and rights afforded to all of us in the USA.  So, no easy solution and if you are serious, commit and only accept $18,205.85 annually even if you believe objectively your resume' is worth more.  See https://www.cope.church/givetoday.pdf for an example of true commitment to the nonprofit lifestyle. (It is also important to note that one American child living in poverty and their family if receiving all public benefits for which they are eligible (including housing vouchers, Medicaid, WIC, food stamps/SNAP, and public K-12 education] are getting at least $35,280 (2020) in public assistance annually.  However, that is based on a one child household or add another $11K-$15K per child for education, potentially more in other areas as well.  See: https://twitter.com/heal247/status/1311462593341521923 for how this was calculated with sources cited.  So, $17,074.15 per person over budget if committed to communism and/or socialism.)  You may also be interested in this Twitter Thread which argues for a guaranteed income of $18,205.85/annually (depending on market variable) for all US citizens in an effort to reduce crime, eliminate demand for abortion, and give everyone enough dignity and security no one is passively coerced/silenced by criminals.]